A Magical Exhibit - SN in Mykonos

People from all over the world congregate to Mykonos in order to capture some of the magic that can be found there. This summer Eden Fine Art showcased SN in Mykonos for his most magical exhibition to date!

Art Gallery in Greece 

Eden Fine Art Gallery brings to this summer paradise a vibrant collection of modern art from around the world. SN is one such artist that has captured the global audience with his fantasy eye and use of enchanting butterflies. The experience of viewing his uniquely contemporary artworks is enhanced by the scenery of this luxurious gallery and island. The aesthetic appeal of this historical island is dreamy. With the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the curved pathways of Nammos Village, it is as if you have walked into a fairytale yourself. Harmonious with the fantasy world that SN portrays through his art.



SN in Mykonos

Thursday afternoon saw another beautiful sunny day on the island of Mykonos. Art lovers gathered in Eden Fine Arts serene sculpture garden to kick off Summer Love, a spellbinding exhibit from the photographer and mixed media artist SN. The event started with fun activities under the shimmering sun, where children had the opportunity to be introduced to the world of art through SN’s whimsical eye. Activities included painting butterflies and hearts inspired by the artists’ unique works. 

As the sun went down, so did the children and the remaining art patrons moved into the gallery for cocktails and music consistent with the vision of SN’s collection. Enthusiastic about meeting the visionary behind the wonderful artworks and exploring his enchanted world, guests were awe. SN-styled angels graced the gallery floor, serving champagne and themed cocktails while patrons spoke to the artist, viewed the collection, and had fun with the #edenlive photobooth. 


SN Artist

From an early age, SN was inspired by the beauty of nature and the distinct need to capture this beauty through his uniquely creative eye. At 12 years old he decided that his future was that of a photographer and so he traded in his bicycle for his first-ever Canon AE-1 and has never looked back since. When asked about what is the purpose of his art, SN says, “To make people excited about the things that excited me. The things that I love.” 

For SN, that thing is nature. His professional career as a photographer started after traveling to the far corners of the world to photograph animals in the wild. Then he continued to develop his creative expression as he began curating images that bear a resemblance to recognizable fables and fairytales. The public well so well received the fascinating imagery that he started experimenting with other forms of media to express his love for nature and fairytales. His subsequent artworks are breathtakingly magical with elements from both the human-made and the natural worlds. 


Butterfly Art

SN’s signature artworks highlight nature through the use of mounted butterflies on photography, paintings, and charcoal drawings. He combines the magical butterflies with images taken from reality to exhibit the conversation between nature, humans, and fantasy. The butterfly represents change, happiness, endurance, and hope. They are a uniquely colorful work of art in and of themselves, fluttering into the world and bringing joy to all those who see them. They gracefully flutter into SN’s artworks, bringing with them a natural elegance that mesmerizes the viewer, while decorating the artworks with their vivid and yet pure colors. 

“Colors for me are emotions. I am aware of the effect that every color brings with it, on the astral level and the mental level. Colors are completely emotional; sadness, joy, silence, power, passion, boldness, tranquility… everything can be expressed in color.”



For this particular exhibit, SN makes use of primarily the iridescent blue butterfly whose color varies slightly from every angle, adding another element to the original works of art. Complimenting the awe-inspiring blue seas surrounding Mykonos, these painterly butterflies bring in another aspect of harmony to the collection.


Eden Fine Art is a one-of-a-kind gallery capturing the natural charms of Mykonos while showcasing a diverse collection of fine art. Stay up to date on all events that are happening here, follow #EDENLIVE on Instagram!

SN’s collection is exclusively available through Eden Fine Art Galleries worldwide. To learn more about the artist, click here.

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