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Mykonos Art Gallery

Eden Gallery is a major international gallery representing a diverse range of contemporary art. Situated amongst the coastal towns of Psarou lies our Mykonos location. The picturesque island in the center of the azure Aegean Sea presents as a beautiful backdrop to the colorful artworks of Eden’s 26+ distinguished artists from across the globe.

Nammos Village

Nammos Village combines the serene charm of the Cyclades islands with the luxury of high-end retail. International haute couture brands and fine dining eateries line the curved walkways of Nammos. The cosmopolitan aesthetic of Nammos Village integrates harmoniously with Eden Gallery’s three-story gallery. Blending seamlessly with the unique character of the Greek Island villages, Eden Gallery Mykonos is a sanctuary of traditional painted white walls, exposed stone-built arches, and a dreamy outdoor garden. A sophisticated oasis to house the contemporary sculptures of David Kracov, Dorit Levinstein, F&G, and more, Nammos Village could not be more fitting for our modern art gallery.

Art in Greece

The aesthetic appeal of Greece acts as a blue and white canvas on which we paint with our thoughtfully curated collection of vivid artworks. The minimalist style of the traditional island structures behaves as a frame for each artwork. This summer paradise is a blank palette, wanting of bold, bright color. The Greek islands are full of mythological ancient history and fashionable modern travelers, with Mykonos in the heart of it all.

Art Galleries in Mykonos

Eden Gallery has brought its vibrant contemporary collection to the glamorous Greek island of Mykonos. This idyllic island presents a unique atmosphere for showcasing contemporary art. Our one of a kind gallery includes an outdoor sculpture garden where art patrons can lounge under the clear cerulean sky while enjoying the visual pleasures of the lively artworks gleaming under the sun. Art lovers and curious travelers alike immerse themselves in the colorful atmosphere, partaking in our many exhibitions showcasing internationally acclaimed artists like Angelo Accardi and Alec Monopoly.

Alec Monopoly in Mykonos

Eden Gallery Mykonos is proud to represent many established artists in the world of contemporary art. Of these artists, Alec Monopoly has experienced widespread success. His popularity has skyrocketed, with celebrity clientele coveting his original paintings. His iconic and playful portrayals of familiar characters and luxury items in his recognizable graffiti-style artworks personify modern society’s obsession with exorbitance and celebrity glam. The unparalleled event MONOPOLY I$LAND, showcasing Monopoly’s exceptional paintings and sculptures, was held in the summer of 2018 to celebrate the gallery’s official Mykonos opening.

Alec Monopoly’s artworks are sold exclusively through Eden Gallery.

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Eden Gallery is a perfect fit for the natural charm of Mykonos. We are thrilled to bring our uniquely colorful and lively aesthetic to the beautiful and sunny island. We look forward to welcoming you in Mykonos!


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