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About The Artwork

“Heart With Wings - True Love II” is a captivating mixed media painting by SN, featuring his distinctive use of mounted butterflies. The centerpiece of this artwork is a heart, symbolizing the depth and passion of true love, completely covered with an array of intricately mounted butterflies. These butterflies, each with their unique colors and patterns, create a vibrant and dynamic texture that brings the heart to life. Extending from the sides of the heart are beautifully drawn eagle wings, adding an element of majesty and freedom to the composition. The combination of the colorful, delicate butterflies and the powerful, soaring eagle wings creates a striking visual metaphor for the nature of true love — a blend of beauty, strength, and transcendence. SN's "Heart With Wings - True Love II" is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant piece, showcasing the artist's ability to merge natural elegance with symbolic imagery in a harmonious and impactful way.

About The Artist

SN is an artist that truly believes that art is created to nourish the eye and heart. While his earlier work focuses on photography, SN presents a new line of works, using mounted butterflies. This artwork is deepened by the energy of its medium and suggests an additional perspective of this unique artist’s passion for nature. A multidisciplinary artist, SN is now exploring drawing, charcoal, and acrylics, creating color by using butterfly installations. His three-dimensional pieces are dramatic, spiritual, tactile, and deeply moving. Each totally unique work is the epitome of SN’s integrated personality.

Heart With Wings True Love II

SN | Mixed Media Painting

125x205 cm | 49x80 in

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