EDEN Gallery's "Be Our Guest": A Three-Day Artistic Odyssey in London

Nestled amid the artistic pulse of London, EDEN Gallery emerged as a beacon of contemporary brilliance with its three-day celebration, "Be Our Guest." Coinciding with London Frieze, one of the globe's most esteemed art fairs, attendees were treated to an exhilarating plunge into the contemporary art realm.


October 10th - Alec Monopoly: The Currency of Creativity

As 6 PM tolled on October 10th, Alec Monopoly's "The Currency of Creativity" animated EDEN Gallery. This evening was an exquisite blend of art and finance, with Alec's finance-themed marvels taking the spotlight. Attendees delved into a realm where artistry was boundless. Alec's presence further enriched the ambiance, a DJ's invigorating beats, and a cake crafted as a safe overflowing with golden tokens, adding a dash of luxury.

October 12th - Yoel Benharrouche & Roman Feral: A Celestial Dance

On October 12th, the gallery was the stage for "A Celestial Dance," a metaphysical journey conceived by Yoel Benharrouche and Roman Feral. Their collaborative genius manifested a riveting tapestry of ethereal art. Yoel's live painting sessions enthralled attendees, while Roman's creations harmoniously fused nature's raw allure with lavish artistry. Their combined presence electrified the gallery. Memories from the evening were crystallized by a photography lab, heightening the sensory engagement.

October 13th - Angelo Accardi: Echoes of History, Beats of Modernity

Angelo Accardi's "Echoes of History, Beats of Modernity" graced the EDEN Gallery the following day. Amidst Frieze London's ambiance, the lines between reality and illusion blurred. The highlight was an interactive life-size ostrich painting session, a nod to Accardi's avian muse. Live melodies, inventive libations, and Accardi's charisma together conjured a truly mesmerizing ambiance.


Throughout the "Be Our Guest" journey, EDEN Gallery's precision in orchestrating details was evident. Bespoke t-shirts tailored for each artist added a personal touch. Live music consistently struck the right chord. Special moments like Yoel's live painting and personal dedication to art collectors made every artwork uniquely enchanting. At Alec's soiree, the DJ's pulsating tracks and the visually striking cake were notable highlights.

EDEN Gallery's "Be Our Guest" was a magnum opus of contemporary art. Each day was a vivid chapter of creativity, luxury, and engagement. As Frieze London concluded, the resonance of "Be Our Guest" lingered, imprinting an enduring memory on art aficionados, embodying the magnetic charm of contemporary art in London's core.


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