A Summit of Creativity: EDEN Gallery's "Winter Palette" Event in Aspen

Nestled in the tranquil embrace of Aspen's snowy landscape, EDEN Gallery prepares to unveil a celebration of artistry at the height of the winter season. On Thursday, February 22nd, at the prime evening hour of 6 PM, the gallery opens its doors for "Winter Palette," an event harmonizing Aspen's crisp, picturesque beauty with the warmth of contemporary art.

At the heart of Aspen's illustrious ski resort, EDEN Gallery Aspen stands as a testament to this legacy. "Winter Palette" is more than an exhibition; it's a confluence of nature's tranquility and the vibrancy of artistic expression. The gallery, ensconced in the majestic mountain setting, offers an enclave where the spirit of Aspen and the pulse of contemporary art beat in unison.

The event's spotlight shines on the profound works of Yoel Benharrouche and Roman Feral. Benharrouche's art, known for its spiritual and lyrical qualities, explores the ethereal connection between the mystical and the tangible. His use of vibrant colors and abstract forms weaves a narrative that is both visually and emotionally stirring. Roman Feral, hailing from Paris, brings an air of opulence intertwined with the raw elegance of nature. His works reflect the rich tapestry of French culture and the luxurious essence of haute couture, crafting a dialogue between art and fashion.

Together, their artistry represents the transformative experiences that EDEN Gallery consistently seeks to offer. Visitors are promised a journey through a collection that transcends the traditional gallery display, becoming a vivid storytelling platform where each piece resonates with the soul of the onlooker.


"Winter Palette" is an invitation to embrace the allure of contemporary art in the midst of Aspen's winter wonderland. It is a moment carved out of time, a summit where creators and admirers of beauty unite under the gallery's sophisticated ambiance.

As the evening unfolds, guests will find themselves wrapped in an intimate and enchanting milieu, where the chill of winter is forgotten amidst the warmth of artistic embrace.

Join us for an unforgettable event where art, culture, and the unique atmosphere of Aspen unite in a symphony of visual spectacle.


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