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After decades of tagging on urban walls and subway cars, graffiti artists have swiftly become some of the most famous artists selling in high-end art galleries in New York City, London, and around the world. These contemporary renegades are some of today’s most renowned art personalities, but none quite so recognizable as Alec Monopoly. With his distinguishable top hat, gold chains, and of course the inherited name, the new Monopoly man is just as identifiable as his namesake, and brought his unique style to this years Mykonos Party.

Mykonos Party Alec Monopoly

Alec Monopoly

Not only is his pseudonym taken from the popular transaction-based board game, but so are many of the subjects he paints. Most notably the Monopoly mascot himself, Rich Uncle Pennybags, also known as the Monopoly Man. Sometimes painted with a sack of $, sometimes with a spray paint canister in hand, and sometimes on the helm of a yacht with his friends Richie Rich and Scrouge McDuck, Rich Uncle Pennybags truly showcases all aspects of the life of the wealthy. Though while in Mykonos, a haven of all things luxury, this popular character is lounging with a champagne bottle in hand. 

Mykonos Party Alec Monopoly


Yesterday in Nammos Village, Mykonos, Alec Monopoly along with a large gathering of tourists, celebrities, and locals assembled on Psarou Beach. They were there to witness the most thrilling undertaking in artistic expression that this famous island has ever seen before! To kick-off the event $PF Monopoly, an exclusive exhibition featuring Alec Monopoly’s newest collection, the artist himself was painting live on a floating sculpture of Rich Uncle Pennybags. The crowds of people looked on from the beach as Uncle Pennybags, overshadowing the moored yachts nearby, lounging in the gleaming Mediterannean sun, was embellished with the ALEC tag from the famed graffiti artist himself.

Mykonos Party Alec Monopoly

For days travelers to the island have been observing this massive sculpture which can be seen from every structure in Nammos Village. As well as beachgoers have been swimming out to this unique floating sculpture to take selfies which are quickly going viral. Now, in association with Eden Fine Art, Alec Monopoly has reached a milestone of artistic endeavor. Arriving in style on a helicopter that he had spray-painted earlier in the day, all eyes were on Alec. He proceeded to tag the floating sculpture while models posed all around him and the crowds cheered on and filmed from the beach. 

Mykonos Party Alec Monopoly

Mykonos Party

Shortly after this rivetting artistic undertaking Alec Monopoly returned to shore and $PF Monopoly commenced in Eden Fine Art Gallery. The entire 200 square meter gallery, along with the outdoor sculpture garden, was transformed into a Mykonos-worthy club. The walls were lined with Alec Monopoly’s signature graffiti artworks, many of them painted in Hermes signature lavish orange color. The guests drank customized cocktails and partied with the celebrity artist and ‘ALEC’-bikini-clad models. 

Mykonos Party Alec Monopoly

Congruent with the luxury and opulence that is commonplace in Mykonos, this exclusive party attracted a glamourous clique. In their designer clothes and with phones flashing this extravagant crowd looked as if they were stepping off the haute couture runways and ready to party with the celebrity guests also in attendance. Outside and inside, guests danced and discovered new artworks, both sculptures and painted canvases. 

Mykonos Party Alec Monopoly

One by one, paintings were brought over to the artist to add his signature ALEC tag on the back. The crowds were so enthused that shortly after a Hermes Birkin bag, in an orange matching the canvases from Alec’s new collection, was brought out for Alec to tag. The crowds went wild, phone flashing everywhere; everybody wanted a piece of the action. Fireworks went off above the gallery, and everybody, including Alec, partied the night away!

Art Gallery Mykonos

A holiday destination of choice for the world wealthiest and most famous, Mykonos is the sunshine getaway best served with Veuve Clicquot Champagne. A favorite for celebrities from Jackie Onassis, and Bella and Gigi Hadid this island attracts only the most affluent travelers, and of course only the most luxurious art. Eden Fine Art Gallery represents an assortment of upscale contemporary artists, including Alec Monopoly, in prime locations throughout the globe for over 20 years. Eden Fine Arts Mykonos location opened in August 2018 in the cosmopolitan Nammos Village. This idyllic island uniquely fits Edens’ vibrant collection both indoors and outdoors, as well as the artistic events that often take place at the gallery. To learn more about what events are happening near you follow #edenlive on Instagram.

You can see more photos and behind-the-scenes footage here!

Mykonos Party Alec Monopoly Eden Gallery

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