$PF Monopoly

Something is stirring up in the Mediterranean sea…

The famed Alec Monopoly is on his way to Mykonos to show off his new collection of graffiti styled art under the gleaming sun in his latest exhibition $PF Monopoly! On August 5, at 3 pm Eden Fine Art Mykonos will reveal the most daring exhibition to date!  

Alec Monopoly

Originally from New York City, Alec Monopoly grew up in an urban environment taking in inspiration from colorful street art as well as his mother, who was a classically trained painter. An icon himself, Monopoly has established an image as one of the preeminent artists of this genre. Now Monopoly has ingrained his masked image along with that of his playfully depicted characters, like Rich Uncle Pennybags and Richie Rich, on the international contemporary art scene.

Alec Monopoly - Mixed Media Art

Alec Monopoly - Mixed Media Art

Mykonos Art Gallery

Eden Fine Art is an international gallery, proud to represent many established artists throughout the world. Exhibiting a diverse range of contemporary art, the gallery combines the aesthetic charm of the serene Greek islands with the vivid appeal of the bright and lively artworks. This Mykonos Gallery will transform its peaceful sculpture garden into the most fashionable club for one evening only! $PF Monopoly will be an eye-popping event with cocktails, live music, and the most daring artistic endeavor yet! There Monopoly will be partying with the guest and painting live under the Mykonos sun to kicks-off the celebration of luxury art on the Mediterranean Sea!

Heat things up with Eden Fine Art and Alec Monopoly in Mykonos.

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