SN is Coming to London | #EDENLIVE Exhibition

Sn Invites You Backstage

On Thursday the 17 of October 2019, at 7 PM SN is Coming to London and will unveil his latest collection on the closing night of London’s Fashion Week, and you can be a part of it! 

London Art Gallery

SN is coming to London and Eden Fine Art will transform the New Bond St. gallery into an haute couture fashion house for one night only to display his latest collection. One of an international network of galleries, the New Bond Street location in Mayfair features four floors full of vivid, inspiring artworks. London is a city with one of the most lively art scenes in the world with Eden Fine Art is distinguished amongst the many galleries throughout the city. Boasting an address on one of the most famous and historic streets in London, Bond Street is the center of the affluent Mayfair district and possesses the highest density of haute couture fashion houses anywhere in the world. Brimming with prestige and elegance, this gallery is harmonious with its cosmopolitan setting uniquely fitting for SN’s first exhibition in London.

SN in London

London Fashion Week

SN in London

SN is coming to London for his first exhibition in this exciting city! This is a unique event set to initiate the final night of London Fashion Week. Ranked amongst Paris, New York, and Milan, London Fashion Week is one of the ‘big four’ fashion weeks around the globe. Since 1983, London Fashion Week has attracted the rich and famous from every corner of the world. People flock to the runways of the leading haute couture fashion houses, many of which have their flagship stores in the picturesque Georgian houses lining New Bond Street. 

London Fashion Week has attracted the likes of some of the most famous models throughout history, such as Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner, both of whom have been featured in the artworks of SN. Combining fashion, photography, and natural beauty, SN dazzles the audience with his unique artworks featuring beautiful and strong women. He is inspired by the warrior within each of these women. They are undeniably beautiful, but also possess a strength which is highlighted through the use of superhero masks and ‘warrior stripes’ below their eyes. 

SN in London

Sn Is Coming to London

“Fashion breaks my heart.”

Beginning his career in photography, SN has an eye for beauty and composition. Now, combining his multitude of skills, his artworks are a fully realized vision of fashion and art. His use of mounted butterflies carefully set in the placement of clothes paints the canvases with vivid hues and textures while adding a natural element to the art. 

Eden Fine Art is looking forward to opening the Mayfair, London gallery doors for a night filled with beautiful art, creative cocktails. What’s more, this exhibition will be unlike any other where fashion meets art as SN is looking to new horizons through having an artistic conversation with his most prominent supporters. Patrons of the arts will get the opportunity to commission their very own butterfly artworks while at the show!

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