Smells Like Toon Spirit - F&G in Mykonos

Monday, 22 July 2019, Eden Fine Art invites guests and art collectors to Mykonos to preview F&G’s newest collection Smells Like Toon Spirit, an art exhibition uniquely fitting for all ages! 

Contemporary Artists

Contemporary artists, fascinated by cartoons and graphic design Fratz and Gio, have been creating art together for over 25 years. Their recent collaborations capture the essence of modern societal values through their satirical eye, and a combination of unique materials, in their latest collection, Smells Like Toon Spirit.

Smells Like Toon Spirit - F&G Mixed Media Artwork

Smells Like Toon Spirit

Fratz and Gio are no stranger to creative design with their consistently innovative takes on pop-art and sculpture. Titled Pitchou (a term of endearment for a child) these puppy-like sculptures vary in sizes and styles. Always with a paradoxical gun in hand, these spirited toons personify different artistic styles depending on the subjects painted on them.

Mykonos Art Gallery

This picturesque sunny island offers the ideal backdrop to an art event of the ages. Cartoons and creative cocktails, everyone can partake in the celebration of Fratz and Gio’s new collection as Eden Fine Art Mykonos transforms its gallery and garden into a contemporary oasis. Staying true to their eclectic style, F&G have filled the marvelous outdoor space with youthfully inspired sculptures. This extraordinary artistic pair has brought their vibrant and contemporary collection to the glamorous Greek island of Mykonos so that you can enjoy the visual pleasures of the animated artworks under the Meditteranean sun.



Smells Like Toon Spirit - F&G Mixed Media Artwork

Smells Like Toon Spirit - F&G Mixed Media Artwork

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