SN and Dorit Levinstein at Plaza Athenee in Paris - Eden Fine Art Exhibition

From September 20 to November 15, 2017, the Garden Court of the Plaza Athénée Hotel will host several works by the artist SN and the artist Dorit Levinstein, represented and co-organized by Eden Fine Art Gallery. A total of 20 works by these two artists will be on display in the courtyard of the palace.

For SN, you will find “Heart”, “David Bowie,” “White Batman” and some of his famous “Butterfly Skulls“.
While his work was previously centered on photography, in 2016 SN presented a new collection of works using dried butterflies, highlighting its passion for nature. His latest creations are the result of a recent trip to the heart of three-dimensional research. A multidisciplinary artist, he now explores the world of drawing and creates colored installations using butterflies. SN is truly the incarnation of those integral, complex and entire personalities that so often characterize artists. In his case, the hunter and the artist clash and intertwine to give life to nature – the quintessence of SN.

Dorit Levinstein invites you to enter his world of shapes, figures and colors. The sculptures draw their volume from a continuous virtuoso line referring to human figures, animals, flowers and objects.
Each of the whirling characters is painted in bright colors, creating rhythmic patterns that repeat themselves regularly as variations on a beloved air. Despite its apparent simplicity, the work results from a creative and sophisticated process.

Dorit Levinstein’s work is in private collections throughout the world and is displayed in exclusive art galleries. Dorit Levinstein also creates works commissioned for indoor and outdoor environments, and her monumental exterior sculptures form the landscape of many municipalities.

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