Fluttered Fantasy - SN in NYC

Thursday evening was a night of artistic finesse as Eden Fine Art welcomed SN to our Madison Avenue Gallery to preview his latest collection Fluttered Fantasy to New York’s art patrons before being opened to the public. The gallery showcased SN in NYC with his collection of outstanding mixed media paintings and remarkable photography. Enthusiastic supporters of the fine arts gathered to meet the artist and explore his world.

Fluttered Fantasy SN in NYC

Butterfly Inspiration

The butterfly, often used as a colorful symbol in art, represents joy, change, and life, constantly juxtaposing SN’s signature skulls and black and white backdrops. Through his use of mixed media and butterflies, SN brings a unique approach to materials and texture. The mesmerizing butterflies add elegance and grace to every canvas they seem to land on.

Starting out as a photographer SN always took inspiration from the magical forces of nature and the roles humans play in interacting with nature. Through the eye of his lens, he developed a unique view that prompted his artistic journey. SN now references strength through sensationally mesmerizing animals like the black stallion or the lion, as well as strong female celebrity icons like Kate Moss and Monica Bellucci. These recognizable images are then used as the backdrop to SN’s signature butterflies. These backgrounds, whether they be a photo, a charcoal drawing, or a painting take as much care and precision as the placement of the butterflies themselves.

Fluttered Fantasy SN in NYC


Those who fluttered over to our gallery were welcomed by angels and art as they enjoyed exquisite cocktails and creative cuisine. DJ Alix Brown took the atmosphere to new heights with an engaging DJ set, creating an ambiance congruent with the evocative modern art presented. The audience was amazed not just by the art, but also by the Arch Ballet. Four ballerinas, painted to match SN’s artworks, from the critically acclaimed ballet danced around the gallery inspiring the viewers with their enlivening performance.

Fluttered Fantasy SN in NYC

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SN’s Private Collection is available exclusively through Eden Fine Art. To learn more about the artist click here.

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