Fine Art Photography: Celebrating the Human Body

Through each of their unique lenses, these artists explore the human body via the use of their fine art photography. Over decades photographers have celebrated the connection between humans and nature, celebrating the beauty of the human body in its natural state while exploring the diversity of the shapes it can take. SN, Hervé Lewis, and Jonas Leriche are all aware of the power a photograph can hold. Explore their unique works here.

Fine Art Photography - SN


Starting his career in the framework of photography, SN has grown into a multifaceted artist with an international following. He is best known for his mixed media artworks, which include the use of mounted butterflies as an embellishing medium. Though his motif, SN adds an extraordinarily unique element to the way he colors a canvas.

SN bought his first camera at 12-years-old, dreaming of one day becoming a famous photographer. He already had a natural-given eye for composition and color theory, as is evident in his photographic choices. SN chooses his models based, not only on their physical appearance, but on their beings. The artist prefers women who work with animals and have a natural comfort and connection to the surroundings that he takes his inspiration from. 

SN Art what is modern photography

SN creates these powerful and dramatic shots using enticing backdrops that are reminiscent of imagery from fantasy novel. The photographs themselves are reminiscent of music in the way that the subject could be interpreted as the vocals, the background is the melody, and the melody has the power to change the beauty of the subject. 

“Women for me symbolize beauty, gentleness, and softness, a notion which doesn’t actually negate their overwhelming strength, it just adds to it.” – SN

SN Photography

Spectators often like to look for the subject of a piece. However, SN realizes the importance of the background on the character herself. He focuses on the enticing beauty of the physical form as well as the woman beneath. He chooses strong women who work in nature with animals. In ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ he spent the day watching the woman playing with her Grey Wolf, dancing with him, and feeding him meat from her hands directly. It was a powerful experience to see a woman with an apex predator and treating him like her own blood. SN masterfully captures the relationship between the woman and the wolf through his lens. 

To view more of SN’s alluring photography and mixed media artworks, click here.

Fine Art Photography

Jonas Leriche

Originally from Belgium, Jonas Leriche started his career as a fashion photographer. Expressing his creative eye through art direction and photography allowed him to apply a different approach to his work. Inspired and experienced, he journeyed into the world of fine art from the fashion industry and never looked back.

Leriche does not merely take a photograph but builds it. Layer by layer, he constructs the image starting with the bare body as his canvas. He paints, molds, glues, and sculpts, transforming a basic figure into a surreal image combining dreams, nature, and the concepts of beauty.

“Even at a young age, I was fascinated by the beauty of nature, and it has exerted an elemental pull on me ever since.” – Jonas Leriche

In contrast to his early inspirations, Leriche’s years spent as a fashion photographer brought him an introduction to the superficiality of beauty and brought up questions of what beauty truly means. His photography is an alluring depiction of raw beauty in nature, struggling against or seamlessly flowing with, controlled perfection. The viewer is welcomed to look further into each photographic artwork and question what it is they see on the surface.

Jonas Leriche’s works celebrate an inner, mysterious beauty through his fine art photography. He wants the viewer to unravel the beautiful figure for themselves. The models are transformed into transcendental beings, covered in dramatic patterns and sometimes even animals and insects that metamorphose into alien-like creatures, sometimes barely recognizable at first glance.

Scorpion Queen

Explore more beautifully dramatic artworks from photographer Jonas Leriche here!

Hervé Lewis

Hervé Lewis is a self-taught photographer born in the south of France. He started his career as a physical trainer, where he became well versed in the human body. Taking his experience from personal training, he extended his knowledge of the body’s muscles, curves, and movements to create masterful compositions through his innovative fine art photography.

Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography

Creating images of perfect representations of the human form was a natural extension for Hervé Lewis, moving from his previous specialty. Thousands of women and men have posed for his camera, exposing their bodies to create gentle, sensual images. Lewis’s carefully posed creations truly celebrate the human body, every curve, every edge, and every form that it comes in. 

The models are occasionally posing with props and sometimes with animals. However, the forms of the human body, whether that of a tattooed or sun-marked woman or the large and round shape of a sumo wrestler, are fully exposed. Lewis celebrates the human body in all its glory. The soul of the subject is on full display. Unhidden by the mundane items relating to the every day, as often the case in photography and portraiture. 

Hervé Lewis has had global exhibitions, and his photography has been published in multiple successful books and magazines, as well as several high-profile ad campaigns. Learn more about the photographer here.

Herve Lewis Photography

Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography

Through each of their unique lenses, they explore the human form in incredibly contrasting ways. Hervé Lewis choosing not to hide the body. He highlights the shapes of his models using few distractions allowing the viewer to immediately connect with the subject in front of them. Jonas Leriche veils the model in complicated elements making the viewer uncover what is right in front of them. Leriche builds the photograph creating a magical and dramatic image. SN, on the other hand, focuses on the story of the women he photographs. He translates their stories into captivating images. All with unique styles, these artists genuinely celebrate the human form. Explore more of their captivating collections here.

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