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About The Artwork

The artwork "Art Nouveau" is a photography of living art by Jonas Leriche.

Printed on archival Fine Art paper, finished with certified Liquide Gloss.
Size 180 x 120 cm 9 Editions + 3 AP
Size 120 x 80 cm 12 Editions

About The Artist

Born in Belgium in 1976, Leriche began his personal journey into Fine Art photography after years as a fashion photographer. This transformative decision allowed Leriche to delve into the rich layers of his profession. His work explores emotions, intentional or unconscious ideas and transforms them into gripping images. Leriche constructs his photographs layer by layer, with meticulous attention to detail. Taking the actual photo is but the final stage of a long, deliberate process, punctuated by flashes of inspiration. Leriche considers himself an art director first, and then a photographer. Struggling between the authenticity of nature, and the artificiality of photography, Leriche finds a perfect balance in pushing the boundaries of the natural in his production studio. In a world dominated by mere appearance, social media posturing and superficiality, the driving force behind Leriche’s work is the desire to inject the rawness of nature into the seamless, controlled perfection of his photographs in order to undermine the facile gaze of viewers unaccustomed to scratching any deeper than the surface. Leriche’s artistic method is a dramatic, ongoing and even vital process. His ultimate wish is that his artworks will also awaken viewers to a process of reconnection with the essential.

Art Nouveau

Jonas Leriche | Photography Of Living Art

180x120 cm | 70x47 in

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