Eden in the Evergreens: The New Aspen Gallery

Eden Gallery has made its mark on the Aspen art scene! We are excited to be opening the doors of a brand new contemporary art gallery space against the scenic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains of Aspen, Colorado.

Step inside the new Aspen gallery here!


The Aspen Idea

The vast, picturesque views of Aspen seem to give aspirations to the otherwise small town which has nevertheless put itself on the map as being a sophisticated center of artistic expression. Eden Gallery is a vibrant addition to Aspen’s established art scene as well as the mountain town’s philosophy of “the Aspen Idea” which encompasses art, culture, and wellness; everything that makes Aspen a destination for those seeking renewal of the mind, body, and spirit.


Aspen Fine Art

The new two-story gallery covers 7,200 square feet, ample room to accommodate the signature collection of colorful contemporary art that has become synonymous with Eden Gallery. The space allows for exploring old favorites as well as encountering new discoveries in the latest exclusive collections.

David Kracov, Angelo Accardi, Calman Shemi, and Jonty Hurwitz are only some of the artists whose work is included in the latest assortment of art housed in Aspen.


Eden Fine Art Gallery Aspen

Eden Fine Art Gallery Aspen

While each artist’s collection remains true to their original style, it is possible to see the common thread between them as they all showcase the dynamic, bright, optimistic designs that can be seen in Eden’s fine art galleries worldwide.


The Story of Aspen

Amidst the sweeping mountain range dotted with aspen trees and evergreens, the little town of Aspen was originally founded as a mining camp during the Colorado silver rush. Industrialists Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke are largely credited for turning Aspen into the center for arts and culture that it is today. Three Aspen institutes have national importance: the Aspen Music Festival and School, the Aspen Institute, and the Aspen Center for Physics. Not to mention, downtown Aspen has been transformed over the years into an upscale shopping district.

Eden Fine Art Gallery Aspen

It is here that Eden Gallery has made its home on East Cooper Avenue, becoming neighbors with nearby retailers like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Prada, Moncler, Valentino, Loro Piana, Lululemon, and Ralph Lauren.


Eden Fine Art Gallery Aspen

From Dorit Levinstein’s patterned sculpture against a mountain backdrop to Calman Shemi’s colorful diptychs, each artwork displayed in the new gallery is a reminder that Eden’s contemporary art collection has something for everyone.


Monopoly Heads West

The sensational artwork of Alec Monopoly creates legions of fans wherever it is displayed. Monopoly paintings deal with the ideas of luxury and extravagance in a capitalist society.

Eden Fine Art Gallery Aspen - Parked at the PJ Airport

With his signature tongue-in-cheek portrayals and neon color palette, Alec Monopoly makes a statement that stays with the audience, inspiring new ways to think about modern culture.

Check out the latest in the Alec Monopoly collection.


The Expanse of Kracovism

David Kracov’s brightly inspired paintings, sculptures, and shadow boxes have left their mark on the world of contemporary and modern art. Influenced by his early career as an animator, David Kracov also draws inspiration from modern film, pop culture, and events of the world around him.

Eden Fine Art Gallery Aspen

When looking at David Kracov’s art, the viewer’s gaze is expanded not just by the multitude of colors but by the interactive nature of the art itself.

Reflections - David Kracov - Aspen Gallery

Whether they are taking flight or artfully hidden, Kracov usually includes butterflies in each sculpture he creates Looking closely, it is possible to see that even his signature forms the outline of a butterfly.

See more of David Kracov’s inspired artwork here.


Accardi’s Animals

Angelo Accardi’s art is recognizable by its inclusion of conspicuous characters and animals. In setting the stage for scenes in his surreal artworks, Accardi inserts animals into each scene in a myriad of ways.

Eden Fine Art Gallery Aspen

View Angelo Accardi’s collection of unique, surrealist paintings here.

Eden Fine Art Gallery Aspen

The ubiquitous ostrich makes repeat appearances, not only as part of the display painted before us but as a placeholder of an important guest not visibly included in the painting: the audience. Despite the diversity of the artwork settings; portraying Japanese gardens, city streets, and empty art galleries, the ostrich is a distinct Accardi trademark that welcomes visitors into the artist’s surreal world.


Dorit Levinstein Originals

Dorit Levinstein is a multi-talented artist best known for her eclectic, colorfully patterned sculptures. By using metals like bronze and aluminum, Levinstein is able to create malleable forms that playfully twist and twirl to form her desired shape, whether it be figures dancing in unison or a vibrant statement of love.

Eden Fine Art Gallery Aspen

Eden Fine Art Gallery Aspen

However, perhaps the most exciting aspect of Levinstein’s artworks comes from her vibrant color palette, as each sculpture is hand-painted in the distinctive decorative style that makes Dorit Levinstein’s artwork instantly recognizable.

Explore more of Dorit Levinstein’s original artwork here.


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