“Science becomes art when there is an emotional scale attached to the work.”

The international sensation Jonty Hurwitz is on the quest to join the worlds of science and art. Using never before seen technologies in the space of art, Hurwitz is creating unparalleled sculptures igniting the viewer’s imagination and making us question where does the science end and the art begins.

Educated initially as an engineer in his home of Johannesburg, South Africa, Jonty Hurwitz went on to travel the world where he picked up yoga and wood carving, thus embarking on a new career. In 2008 Hurwitz began his formal career as a sculptor. Hurwitz combines algorithms with emotions provoked through art, as his goal is to remove the barrier between the two disciplines.

Anamorphic Sculptures
Using highly reflective curved surfaces, Hurwitz creates distorted sculptures that only when viewing from a specific point in the reflection can the audience discover what is really there. The perfect combination of art and physics, which only works with the help of powerful computers. Prior to Hurwitz’s contribution to the world of contemporary art, anamorphosis had only been achieved on a two-dimensional scale. Now, using his pioneered technique of catropic sculpting, Hurwitz uses billions of calculations to create completely original sculptures.

Nano Artworks
Pioneering yet another new sculptural technique, Hurwitz creates the smallest human portraits and sculptures that are not even visible to the naked human eye. One of his sculptures has been photographed dancing on the width of a human hair, while another is on display in the spacious head of a needle. “The nano works that I present to you here represent more than just a feat of science though. They represent the moment in history that we ourselves are able to create a fully human form at the same scale as the sperm that creates us in order to facilitate the creation.” Jonty Hurwitz wants the audience to see both the science and the art in every one of his creations.

Engineering and artistic challenges drive Hurwitz to create his genuinely distinctive works. Using computational software never before used in this manner, Hurwitz is a true artist-scientist archetype, bending the rules and proving to the world what is possible in the form of art.

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