Eden Fine Art X Art Basel

Eden Fine Art is getting ready for Art Basel Miami! Showcasing high-profile artists from around the globe, Eden is excited to bring you the brightest and best this year for the 18th anniversary of Art Basel Miami! Visit the Miami Beach gallery located on Collins Avenue, only a five-minute walk from the Art Basel convention center! Are you in Miami this week? Follow us on Instagram to find out more about the surprises we have in store for you!

Art Basel Miami Eden Fine Art 2019

Eden Fine Art Art Basel


Over the years, Eden Fine Art Galleries have expanded multi-continentally in the world’s most prime locations. From Mykonos to New York City, every gallery remains true to Eden’s bright and optimistic aesthetic. Known for being a multicultural city, Miami naturally brings in an exciting international crowd with diverse tastes and eclectic styles. Eden Fine Art’s vibrant collection fits perfectly with the ambiance of this contemporary city.

Eden Fine Art Art Basel

The gallery itself is located in Miami Beach, the heart of this sunny city, and a must-see area for tourists. Holding a reputation as one of the world’s leading centers in the contemporary art scene, Miami is a driving force in the art market. 

Art Basel Miami

Art Basel is a privately owned and managed, international art fair produced annually in Miami. As the most exciting art event in the US, there will be no shortage of exclusive, luxurious parties throughout the week, where art patrons will get to meet some of the biggest names in the industry. For one week every winter, the city transforms into an international fair for private collectors, curators, trustees, and art patrons wanting to score big on blue-chip art. 

Eden Fine Art Art Basel

Eden Fine Art Art Basel

Art Basel will be taking over the entire convention center, only two blocks away from Eden Fine Arts’ permanent Miami Gallery. Furthermore, there will be pop-up galleries and private homes opening around the city for this exciting week! How will you know where to go? Follow Eden on Instagram to stay informed on all the activities! From gallery shows to private parties, watch the IG stories to be the first one to know where to find the action!

Alec Monopoly

Celebrity graffiti artist, Alec Monopoly, is returning to the scene! We cannot believe it has been a full year since he pulled up to the party on his private yacht and shared his incredible works with Miami’s art aficionados in one of the most exclusive parties of last year. Now, again, Monopoly is expected to amaze with his refreshing perspective on socio-political issues as exposed through his bright graffiti works.

Miami Art Basel

We look forward to welcoming you to Miami! Find out more about Eden’s Miami gallery here.


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