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Art Gallery in Miami

Eden Fine Art, a major International Art Gallery opened its Miami location to the public in December 2018. Located in the luxurious and trendy Miami’s South Beach, Eden Fine Art Gallery is surrounded by the best of what Miami has to offer. Culture, art, and beaches, the gallery is encompassed by the finest elements of this vibrant city. Patrons of the arts and tourists alike gather to this urban center to view the city, enjoy the exuberant lifestyle, and immerse themselves in the international artistic community.

Being part of a worldwide network of galleries owned and operated by Eden Fine Art which was established in 1997, this boutique gallery presents an intimate, modern collection of art that is carefully curated to represent a style that is congruent with our bright and contemporary aesthetic. Eden Fine Art brings to Miami 26 distinguished artists from across the globe. Each with a uniquely contemporary expression that conveys an optimistic and colorful view of life.

Miami Beach Art

Eden’s exposure has expanded multi-continentally through the launch of international galleries in the world’s most prime locations. The colorful and inspiring Miami Beach holds a reputation as one of the leading urban centers in the world of contemporary art. Being home to the globally acclaimed Wynwood Walls an influential voice in the graffiti and street art genre, and Art Basel a driving force behind art markets worldwide, Miami has become a hub of world-class and young emerging artists.

Contemporary Art in Miami

Ever since its inaugural year in 2002, Art Basel Miami has brought Miami Beach to the forefront of the art scene. With Artists like Alec Monopoly lighting up the way with his imaginative and striking graffiti compositions, Art Basel has expanded the Miami art milieu to include prominent voices in the contemporary scene. Art Basel brings in over 4,000 international contemporary artists to Miami’s South Beach. This plethora of artistic inspiration happens but once a year in the Miami Beach Convention Center, only a five-minute walk from Eden Fine Art Miami.

Are you in Miami? This contemporary art gallery in Miami Beach is one worth visiting. Full of inspiring, and evocative artwork you won’t want to miss.


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