Top Ten Art Trends For 2022

Art trends come and go throughout the years, just as our tastes in food, interiors, and fashion change with time. Art constantly reinvents itself, and the quest for newness and uniqueness lies at the heart of artistic expression.

Art trends throughout history

Trends, like art movements, change regularly. But trends in art tend to be more consumer-driven, unlike an art movement driven by ideals. There are always many kinds of art created in the world, and everyone has their own tastes and particular preferences when it comes to art. However, consumers, collectors, and curators often influence which styles of art will become popular trends. 

Influential genres such as impressionism or pop art have grown almost out of nowhere to become the dominant artistic style of a period. But inevitably a new trend will emerge, and contemporary artworks will take their place. Some art trends, like classical architecture, can even be revived centuries later, as seen in the neoclassical period. Art trends often follow, or in some cases, lead to political and social changes. 

Over the past decade millennials, seeking experiences over possessions helped drive the trend for immersive experiential art. This trend fueled the popularity of artists like Yayoi Kusama and Ai Wei Wei.

Although they have actually existed for centuries, street art and graffiti have also seen increased interest over the past decade. The trend for street artists to move into a commercial space or create street art on a canvas is likely to continue into the new year.

After two years of global upheaval, 2022 will be an exciting year for the art world, sure to build on the trends of digitization we have seen over the past 18 months. The trends for crypto art will no doubt continue to grow in popularity. But immersive in-person experiences and other art trends may fall by the wayside in the post-pandemic world. Here are the top ten art trends that are set to make waves in 2022.

The Ten Art Trends to Look Out For in 2022 Are:

1. Virtual Art Events

The trend for virtual art has seen an exponential boost from the Covid-19 pandemic. Out of necessity, virtual art events have adapted and become more sophisticated, allowing artists to reach increasingly global audiences even during a period where most people can no longer travel. 

Museums, galleries, and even art festivals such as Burning Man have turned to online platforms to create virtual artistic experiences. These art events are available digitally so that audiences can enjoy them anywhere in the world, all from the comfort of their homes.

2. 3D Motion Graphic Design

3D art and motion graphics are also on an upward trend as technology enables us to enjoy art from home. But digital art isn't limited to your computer or phone screen. Artists like Vadim Soloviov are using 3D motion graphics in an outdoor setting to create digital outdoor exhibits and usher in a new interpretation of "street art." 

3. Crypto Art

Crypto art continues to grow in popularity in the digital world. 2021 saw many groundbreaking moments for crypto artists, with record-breaking sales and increased awareness of NFTs. The popularity of crypto art looks set to reach even greater heights in 2022 as mainstream artists begin to adopt the medium.

4. Street Art

Street art has been popular for the past decade, with many street artists such as Eduardo Kobra, Banksy, and Alec Monopoly becoming household names. The Covid-19 pandemic and political upheaval of the past few years has only increased street art's popularity and importance as people's voice. 


Even during a pandemic street artists have captured the mood of the moment, with tributes to healthcare workers. Other artworks implore or commiserate, such as "Hope Dealer," a yellow mural warning: 'Cancel Plans. Not Humanity' was created by LA artist Corie Mattie. As we increasingly socialized outdoors, street art galleries became one of the most accessible forms of artwork. 

5. Art Outdoors

Street art, crypto art, and outdoor activations are all part of a broader trend that takes art outdoors or into unconventional spaces. Art outdoors encompasses a wider movement for democratizing art by presenting it as public art in unique and innovative locations. There's a continued focus across mediums of showing art in settings that are outside of the establishment.

6. Appreciation for Nature

While many 2022 art trends focus on technology, there's also a counter-trend for nature-focused artworks. Nature has always been a popular theme in art as a form of escapism from the stress of modern city life. Artists seek reconnection with the natural world and offer audiences some much-needed escapism from the confines of their living rooms. Other artists embrace nature themes as a commentary on the global climate crisis and represent the climate struggle through their art.

7. Contemporary African Art

Art trends have often focused on specific regions. For centuries Europe was the center of innovation, followed by America and Asia. Now the time has come for African art to shine. Digital technology allows contemporary African artists to reach new audiences and showcase the talents and innovation that African art has to offer. 

8. Neon At Home

When you think of neon, you probably think of the Vegas strip or Times Square, not your bedroom or living room. But artists like Glenn Ligon, Tracey Emin, and Jung Lee have been driving a trend for bright neon artworks for the past few years. Now the trend is moving from the gallery to the wall of our homes, as neon artworks become a mainstream trend. 

9. The Memphis Revival

Alongside the neon trend is another bold and bright trend, the revival of Memphis art. This colorful geometric art style was first seen in the 1980s but is making a comeback in art, interiors, and fashion. 

10. Art and Science Converge

Both artists and scientists are both grappling with issues like climate change. Artists can discuss complicated scientific issues using artistic means, bringing matters to new audiences. Scientific and environmental institutions such as TBA21-Academy have commissioned research-intensive artworks to illustrate their scientific endeavors.

Explore Contemporary Art

Art trends will always come and go, and serious art collectors will keep an eye on trends within popular or cutting-edge artworks. But art is highly subjective, and many people collect art for pure enjoyment, not because it is trendy or a good investment. To explore contemporary artwork for your home or collection, visit an Eden Gallery or browse our online art gallery today. 

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