Alec Monopoly X Eden Fine Art | Art Basel Week

Despite the plethora of artistic inspiration available at Art Basel week, Alec Monopoly yet again managed to stand out from the crowd. Together with Eden Fine Art, Alec showcased a number of carefully selected pieces from his private collection of paintings and sculptures, releasing them for public viewing at a Miami Beach gallery just outside of the Setai Hotel. Visitor’s flocked from all corners of the globe to get a glimpse of the artist’s original collection at the Monops Gallery, Miami, exclusively dedicated to showcasing his works. Rife with familiar figures and created with his signature style, his exclusive collection forces viewers to consider themes such as the economy, capitalism, and wealth.


It is no secret that Monopoly has a unique passion for using unconventional urban landscapes and high fashion accessories as his latest canvases. On December 6, over 400 people gathered outside the Monops Gallery to watch the artist live in action as he worked his magic on the Bugatti Chiron, a thrill induced sports car that fits Monopoly’s brand like a glove. His ever-growing fan base waited in anticipation as the artist sprayed an effortlessly slick, black, white and red design onto the car. The Bugatti brand is uniquely artistic as it’s Italian founders were heavily inspired by design, a notion that the artist paid tribute to in his live performance. Just a day before this, he customized a Rolls Royce, proving yet again his eagerness to take on unorthodox canvases.

Alec Monopoly Art Basel Miami


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