What Is 2D Art?

Two-dimensional art, more commonly referred to as 2D art, is one of the most common types of art. Despite existing for centuries, there’s still something about 2D art that seems to capture the imagination. It could be its simplicity or how it can be used to communicate powerful ideas with ease. Whatever the reason, 2D art is a popular and versatile form of expression.

This article will look at what 2D art is and discuss some examples of 2D art. We’ll also take a look at 2D art drawing and painting-all while skimming through the essential question of “Is 2D concept art dying?”

2D Artwork Definition

Two-dimensional art refers to any form of visual art that exists in two dimensions. 2D artforms can include drawings, paintings, prints, and photographs. This group does not include 3D artworks such as sculptures, installations, and 3D paintings. 

2D Art Examples

Some famous examples of 2D art include drawings, paintings, prints, and photographs. These can be created using a variety of mediums, such as pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolors, and oil paints. Most of the traditional fine arts are two-dimensional, with the exception of course, of sculpture and architecture. 

2D art can communicate a wide range of ideas and emotions and be versatile and expressive. One may also use it to create beautiful and intricate designs. Two-dimensional art is easy to move and display in a wide range of settings which makes it both popular and more practical than some 3D art forms.

2D Art Drawing

Most drawings are two-dimensional if the artist is using traditional methods. Typically 2D art drawings are made using paper, chalk, charcoal, pencils, or colored inks. Of course, with advances in technology, it’s possible to take a 2D drawing and turn it into a 3D dimensional artwork using digital techniques.

2D Art Painting

Paintings are another typical example of 2D dimensional artworks. Painting has been around for quite a while and is a form of 2D art. A two-dimensional painting can capture a moment in time, tell a story, or express emotions. 

A variety of materials, including oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, and pastels, can be used for these paintings. If a painting has three-dimensional elements, it may move into the classification of either 3D wall sculpture or a mixed media artwork. However, there are occasional examples of 3D paintings that use layers of traditional materials to build a 3D effect. 

Recently a series of art exhibitions have taken the 2D artworks of famous painters and turned them into immersive three-dimensional experiences. Examples of this evolution from 2D to 3D can be seen in the immersive Van Goh, Klimt, and Monet exhibits.

Is 2D Concept Art Dying?

2D concept art is a style of art used to create the look and feel of a game, movie, or book. Artists can create character designs, backgrounds, and props using 2D art. Comic artists, illustrators, and graphic artists may all produce concept art.

Traditionally, 2D concept art is often used in the early stages of development when the team is still deciding on the look and feel of the project. It can help convey the idea to the rest of the team and get feedback from stakeholders.

Some people believe that 2D concept art is dying, as more and more projects are moving towards 3D art or digital art. However, many projects still require 2D concept art, and it is a special skill to have.

Buying and Collecting 2D Art

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