The Natural World as Muse: A Look into SN's Artistic Inspiration

Artists have long been inspired by the beauty and wonder of the natural world and have sought to capture its essence through various artistic mediums. From landscape painting to photography, sculpture to installation art, nature has been a source of inspiration and creativity for artists of all genres. For Eden Gallery artist SN, nature is not only his inspiration for the artistic masterpieces he creates but also serves as the focal point of each of his artworks. See how SN uses draw-dropping scenes and creatures from the natural world to inspire his viewers with a sense of wonder and awe.


The Beauty of Nature: SN's Artistic Inspiration

Artist SN truly believes that art is created to nourish the heart and the eye. His work is created using various media and materials. SN has a deep personal connection to the natural world, which began in childhood and is still the muse for all of his art today. In SN's own words, he recounts his favorite childhood moments, saying, "I cherish the memories with my father and watching birds of prey in the fields near my home with binoculars. I remember the excitement I would feel over seeing them at such a close distance. I used to draw birds of prey and leopards on copy paper at the desk in my room. I had an encyclopedia about wildlife, and it was my bible." SN started his career with photography which he continues to build upon with other media like paint and dried butterflies. An excellent example of an early work of his using such photography is 'Little Red Riding Hood,' which depicts an extraordinarily stunning combination of a woman in a red dress, a wolf, and a forest. 



Mixed Media Magic: SN's Unique Approach to Art

For SN, beauty is more than just a pleasing effect to the eye. It is a part of the natural world. It aids in species' survival and is a crucial factor in how different species interact with each other and humans. SN explains his viewpoint by saying, "Regarding beauty, in my mind, beauty is key to winning love. If you are beautiful, you will get love, and everybody wants to be loved." He adds many different elements of beauty to his art, using beautiful landscapes, animals, and women as centerpieces. An excellent example of this is his work called 'The Hunter and Two Cheetah,' where a woman stands in front of the majestic animals in a way that looks like she is protecting them and the natural world. 



Protecting the Natural World Through Art: SN's Message of Love

What sets SN's work apart is his unique approach to mixed media art. 

For SN, art has always been about telling a story, a story of beauty, protection, and love, all centering around the natural world and its inhabitants. He mixes big cats, like lions and leopards, with delicate butterflies, like in his work called 'Lion.' This nontraditional approach is what has always set SN apart from other artists and makes his art so remarkable. 



From Photography to Mixed Media: SN's Journey with Nature as Muse

Using nature as a muse allows artists to connect with the world around them and explore its beauty and complexity meaningfully and creatively. For SN, his stunning mixed media artworks depicting the natural world and all of its splendid creatures create breathtaking masterpieces. Explore more awe-inspiring works on the Eden Gallery website or visit a local gallery near you.

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