Superheroes in Art

Superheroes have been saving the public for generations. These gallant, masked humans are recognized for helping the world become a better place, dedicated to protecting the public and stopping evil villains from completing their sinister plans. They may just be characters from clever stories, but they have done more than provide entertainment, they inspire nations across the world to be the best version of themselves that they can, to do good, and to create art. See how Eden’s artists honor superheroes in art for their good deeds and bravery in Eden Gallery’s new Superhero Collection!

Superheroes in Art

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben


Angelo Accardi

Originally from a small town in the south of Italy, Angelo Accardi combines artistic inspirations within his surreal world. He takes influence from the Old Masters of his home country, and of the new icons of today. Together these ‘misplaced’ characters interact in absurd ways as they traverse Accardi’s bizarre universe, painted from his creative mind.

Superheroes in Art - Angelo Accardi

The 2004 American computer-animated superhero film The Incredibles featured a typical American family with an unusual twist… every member of the family had superhuman powers. From invisibility to speed, each family member had a unique ability, but most importantly, each member had courage. Bob Parr, also known as Mr. Incredible, led his family into a full-time career as superheroes. Together this family fought villains, such as Syndrome, to make the world a better and safer place. Angelo Accardi honors Mr. Incredible by painting him front and center in his painting, aptly titled He’ll Save Us.

Wade Wilson, better known as Deadpool, is a fictional character created by Marvel Comics. Initially, Deadpool was depicted as a supervillain, but over time evolved to become an entirely new type of hero. He uses his dark humor and breaks the fourth wall to bring across a style of comedy that is very unique to his comic. Angelo Accardi uses a similar humorous effect in his paintings.

Superheroes in Art - Angelo Accardi

Superheroes in Art - Angelo Accardi

Deadpools dark humor often shows human existence as ironic and pointless, Accardi plays on this concept. He ironically places Deadpool on an ostrich with a gun pointed at him while the Pink Panther cheers on in the background. Deadpool is looking towards his feet, but instead of being pitiful with the gun pointed towards him and seemingly nowhere to hide, he is seen as an absurd character in an even more absurd world. 

Explore Angelo Accari’d full collection of art bringing together miscellaneous characters in an abstract world here!



SN is inspired by beauty and grace as much as he is inspired by strength and perseverance. He believes that aesthetically the two come hand in hand. He believes in the power of nature and the beauty of humankind, and that working together with nature as opposed to against it, we shall come out as the superheroes he creates in his art.

SN combines photography with charcoal, paints, and mounted butterflies to create alluring images that seem to belong in a surreal world. Customizing these women with superhero masks and dressing them in butterflies, SN creates a beautiful superhero that is one with nature. 

The artist is often quoted as being a lover and protector of nature. In fact, in his recent collection, he paints these superwomen as being the keepers and protectors of wildlife and fields. It is his love of nature that has triggered his artistic journey. 

Superheroes in Art - SN

Superheroes in Art - SN

From an early age, SN dreamed of one day being a National Geographic photographer. Today he does photograph animals in the wild, but builds on his photography in the most unique way, creating a world where nature is ever-powerful, and its protectors are breathtakingly magical.

Explore SN’s magical world where art, nature, and humankind thrive in peaceful solidarity here.


Nelson Fabiano

Originally from Portugal, Nelson Fabiano began his artistic career in the framework of photography. This artist creates truly unique compositions after traveling the world and experimenting for 20 years with various materials and techniques. Fabiano plays with colors, lines, and methods to re-create icons from the art of previous decades as well as from the world of comics and superheroes.

In Wonder Woman Step by Step, Fabiano pays homage to the fictional superhero and founding member of the Justice League, Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was first featured in 1941 and has since grown into an international sensation as one of the most influential heroines ever to exist.

Superheroes in Art

Superheroes in Art

She is a strong female character for girls and boys in the comic book industry where misogyny has been commonplace for decades. Wonder Woman may have started as a positive role-model, but ‘step by step’ she has grown into a feminist icon attributed to her physical and mental strengths, values, and ethical attributes. 

Fabiano often uses pictures of big cities that he has taken throughout his life. He often returns to one city in particular, the Big Apple. Using paints, reliefs, and added on collages, Fabiano builds the familiar streets and buildings on his canvas as the perfect backdrop for his superheroes to standout. The scene of New York looks dark and dismal, but the superheroes inspire hope. Captain America stands strong and powerful, inspiring generations of Americans to patriotism and to find their own power and strength inside of themselves.

Superheroes in Art

Nelson Fabiano’s art is inspired; he paints the impression of the strength of the large cities and the powerful heroes that protect them and their inhabitants. Explore Fabiano’s collection here.



The French artist Plum builds images out of colorful layered feathers to create genuinely unique and light compositions. His eye for design comes from years of aesthetic stimulation growing up in a family of designers he was always destined to create.

Superheroes in Art

Gotham City is best known as being the home of Batman. This fictional city resembles New York in almost every way. Even the name comes from the 1635 Dutch city in New Amsterdam, predating the city where New York now stands. Now, Gotham is primarily identified as being the location where every riveting story of Batman and his many foes take place. 

Filled with art deco and art nouveau buildings, similar to Chicago and New York architecture, this city incorporates influences from close and far to create one of the best known fabricated cities to date. Check out Plum’s homage to Batman in his work Gotham.

Superman’s logo, also known as the Superman shield, in almost all versions of the comic. Superman wears a yellow and red ‘S’ on his chest, the logo itself has become so indicative of the character that it alone reads as a representation of the man. Plum pays homage to this inspirational character in his feathered version of the iconic symbol in his artwork Krypton, titled after Superman’s home planet.

Superheroes in Art

Explore Plum incorporates superheroes in art, explore his full collection of colorful feathered artworks here.

Superheroes in Art


Superheroes in Art

Superheroes have inspired adults and children for decades to be the best version of themselves, to protect what they believe in, and to create art in their own form. See how some of our favorite heroes have inspired Eden’s artists. Discover the Superhero Collection here!


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