Sold at Sotheby’s Auction for $214,000 - Galy & Steve Aoki 1st NFT

Gal Yosef, also known as Galy, is a self-taught prodigy in the field of 3D art and animation. Today, he utilizes his talent to create nostalgic digital sculptures with themes inspired by a money-obsessed, contemporary society.

Most recently, Galy’s NFT collaboration with Steve Aoki sold for over $214,000 at Sotheby’s. It was Sotheby’s first foray into the world of crypto art, and the first-ever NFT to be sold on the famous art and luxury marketplace.

An NFT is a file containing an asset such as a piece of art, music, short film, etc. Nowadays NFTs are mainly being used to trade digital art as nonfungible assets. For more information about NFTs check out our NFT guide that was published in the Eden Gallery online magazine in March 2021.

There is currently a project in the works for Galy to launch his own independent collection of NFTs. Named “GalyMonsters” and inspired by Japanese characters, Galy’s original animations will be available to purchase as boosters within the Galyverse.

“Behind everything there is money,” Galy says of his work’s symbolism. “Money is moving the world, even in places we don't expect. People change because of money, make decisions based on money. People do the worst but also the most amazing things, all because of money.”

Most of the information about the upcoming drop of NFT by Galy is yet to be revealed although some information has already been released on Twitter by Galy @GalyArtist and his accompanying NFT account, @galyverse.

If the Digital Age transformed the way that we receive and communicate information, graphic design and 3D animation seem to have done the same for mediums of the art world. In the creative process of 3D art and animation, the quality of the finished product relies not just on the capabilities of the software utilized, but the technological skills and manipulation of a program’s tools to their fullest potential by the artist. The intuitive skill involved in mastering 3D software for the purpose of creating art is an art form in itself.



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