Gal Yosef (Galy): Avant Garde Digital Sculptor

Gal Yosef (Galy) is the youngest artist ever to sign with Eden Gallery. At the age of 26, his 3D designs have already attracted a loyal fan base. His work has been described as the “dark side” of a cartoon universe, with familiar characters reimagined in contemporary scenarios.

Gal Yosef - Eden Gallery

Fascinated with Disney and Pixar from a young age, Galy got his start in animation and digital design at the age of 12. Over time he taught himself how to use programs like Maya, while occasionally referencing YouTube tutorials.

You could say that I became a 3D artist because of Toy Story.

Working as an independent artist enabled him to amass an impressive portfolio. He used this experience to open up his own digital design studio, Fuzion, in 2016.

Donald Duck Found A Treasure - Eden Gallery

Focusing exclusively on digital design, Galy is an example of a new kind of contemporary artist who uses computer technology as a tool in his creative process. 3D design allows artists to bring ideas to life as they are conceptualized, while at the same time improving the accuracy and efficiency of the designs themselves.

Tom & Jerry - Eden Gallery

The meticulous and intuitive skill involved in mastering 3D software is an art form in itself. When asked about the role that 3D animation plays in the art world, Galy spoke about the influence that digital art had on his own life.

“I would build a fantasy world from toys and action figures. I never liked minimalism, I liked big worlds filled with life and characters. My favorite movie was Toy Story, I would watch it every day. You could say that I became a 3D artist because of Toy Story.”

Gal Yosef - Tweety Bird - Eden Gallery


Gal Yosef (Galy)

Mixed Media

180x120 cm | 70x47 in

Gal Yosef - Bugs Bunny - Eden Gallery


Gal Yosef (Galy)

Mixed Media

180x120 cm | 70x47 in


One of the most well-known works from his Iconic Series is “Daffy Stole My Look”. This is a blend of an early cartoon classic with modern storytelling. It was one of Galy’s first pieces that was created from the nostalgia of early childhood memories.

Daffy Stole My Look - Gal Yosef - Eden Gallery

There is unquestionably a dark side to many of Galy’s creations. However, the whimsical, comedic nature of his work ultimately conveys his admiration and love for the characters he sculpts.

Despite the technical and occasionally laborious process of digital sculpting, Galy has remained focused on the rewards of the creative process: “I love the painting process. Modelling is important but when it comes to painting, you can show and express much more about what you feel from the colors and saturations”.

The end result is a new kind of art that has won him a fair amount of publicity. In June 2020 he was featured as Autodesk’s Artist of the Month.

Galy’s most popular pieces are those which draw on the role of money in a transactional modern society. This theme is a subtle nod to another of Galy’s artistic inspirations, Alec Monopoly. Monopoly himself is an exclusive artist of Eden Gallery. His work is largely a satire of luxury and extravagance.

Galy’s collection of 3D digital designs are ever-evolving with the advancement of technology and his expanding vision.

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