SN and the Butterflies Symbol


Born in 1972, SN is an artist that truly believes that art is created to nourish the eye and heart. While his previous work focused on photography, in 2006, SN-arts presented a new line of completely unique works using mixed media and mounted butterflies. His enigmatic new creations are the outcome of a recent journey exploring three-dimensional art. These pieces are dramatic, eye-catching, emotional and inspirational. SN’s uses mounted butterflies to adorn pencil drawings, paintings, and photographs, elevating these common mediums into a brand new art form.

SN’s early photographs take on a dreamlike quality. He captures nature in a way that reveals its inherent drama. The figures in his images, both human and animal, are lifted into the supernatural. “RODEO,” a beach-side print of a woman riding a cow, feels almost out of a dream, full of color and light and shadow. “LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD,” depicts another take on the classic story, bringing the wolf and the little girl to life in a human portrait of man and beast. Poignant and captivating, SN’s photography will catapult the viewer into his imagination while your feet remain firmly on the ground.

SN’s mounted butterflies are something you just need to see in person. In various cultures around the globe, butterflies, deeply symbolic, represent the soul itself. The symbolic texture of SN’s artwork is deepened by the representative energy of his medium. Using mounted butterflies juxtaposed with drawings of skulls, superheroes, and animals, SN’s work combines images of destruction and resurrection in startling combinations, evoking the symbolic allusion of the butterfly and the skull, and inviting the viewer to reconsider his or her ideas about life and death.

Who doesn’t want to be superman when they grow up? SN-arts and his series of superheroes taps into the childhood yearning to be special– to be super. SN reimagines the symbols of Batman and Superman, icons of their namesakes. He even creates his own superheroes, all female, with “SUPERHERO (BLACK)” and “SUPERHERO (WHITE),” mirror images of a woman, one with mounted black butterflies and one in white. If we look at these pieces together, it seems SN asks what it means to be powerful, determining that the potential for good or evil exists in all of us, regardless of talent, skill, or gift. In a stunning combination of symbols, SN-arts uses his butterflies, famously symbolic of resurrection, life, and change to recreate images of superheroes, icons of hope. Follow SN and his butterflies to see where they take you.

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