Angelo Accardi’s ‘Misplaced’ Exhibition in London

Angelo Accardi’s ‘misplaced’ Exhibition Joins Eden Fine Art in London

Angelo Accardi Misplaced Exhibition London

Eden Fine Art is excited to announce the opening of Angelo Accardi’s ‘MISPLACED’ collection in one of the most diverse and exciting art scenes in the world. Join Eden Fine Art and artist Angelo Accardi at our Mayfair gallery to celebrate the opening of Angelo’s new collection of original paintings and sculpture. Guests are encouraged to explore original pieces from his new collection and will have the opportunity to purchase works from the gallery’s exhibition.

Angelo Accardi Misplaced Exhibition London

Well-known for his surprising, playful, and ironic connections between artists, characters, and artistic styles across centuries of Fine Art, Accardi has created a Contemporary style that is smart, quirky, and deeply relevant. His exhibition includes original paintings and sculptures by the artist.

Angelo Accardi Misplaced Exhibition London

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