Misplaced Extravaganza - Angelo Accardi in SoHo

Eden Fine Art, alongside artist Angelo Accardi, is proud to present the artist’s new collection ‘Misplaced’ in an exciting exhibition opening on Thursday, November 21.

Misplaced Extravaganza - Angelo Accardi

Soho Gallery

Eden Fine Art Gallery is proud to represent a diverse range of established artists throughout the globe. With a location in SoHo, one of Manhattans most vivacious artistic districts, Eden thoroughly expresses a colorful contemporary aesthetic cohesive with the creative vision of the neighborhood. On the evening of November 21, the gallery will capture the essence of Italy in an exciting exhibition celebrating Accardi’s new collection and Italian culture in ‘Misplaced’. 

Venice Carnival

The annual festival of Venice Carnival, dating back to 1162, is all-encompassing of Italian history and culture. Masks have always been an integral part of this festival, with various styles and elaborate decorations. For months men and women would wear these heavily gilded baroque masks to hide their identities while celebrating in style. Accardi references the Pulcinella and Venetian masks in his newest collection, connecting to his Italian heritage. 


Misplaced Extravaganza - Angelo Accardi

Angelo Accardi

From a small town in the south of Italy, Accardi grew up inspired by the artworks of the Italian master as well as contemporary interpretations of classical subjects. Surrounded by the music, culture, and food of his homeland, he incorporates these early childhood influences along with others into every aspect of his life and works. His contemporary, surrealistic compositions incorporate influences of the old masters and other famed artists that have profoundly influenced his style.


To celebrate ‘Misplaced’ the newest collection of original paintings and sculptures by the Italian Artist, Eden Fine Art Gallery invites art patrons of New York City to join us in celebration. Accompanied by live music and creative cocktails, this event will be celebrating the magic of Italian culture and Accardi’s dreamlike world. 



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