International Artists Day

International Artists Day was created to honor artists and their contributions to the world. Celebrated on October 25th as a homage to Pablo Picasso, (who was born this day in 1881) International Artist Day is a chance to appreciate artists for their significant work.


Art & the Human Experience

For as long as mankind has existed, art has influenced the human experience. Breathing life into homes and otherwise empty spaces, artists’ creations offer us a glimpse into their creative minds while at the same time sparking our own curiosity.

Eden Fine Art Gallery - Celebrating International Artists Day

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but art itself is not about intrinsic beauty, but rather about us, the beholders.

What we view, and by extension, how we engage with a piece of art tends to be a result of the makeup of our individual experiences. This is something that usually goes hand in hand with artists’ intentions, as what we deduce from a piece of art can be a reflection of what we ourselves put out into the world. In this sense, the artist and the art connoisseur exist together in a symbiotic creative experience. While the artist creates, he or she perhaps draws on the same inspiration or life moments that the viewer uses as a touchstone in order to interpret an artwork before them.

Angelo Accardi - Celebrating International Artists Day

In celebration of International Artists Day, Eden Gallery turns the spotlight on a few of our exclusive artists who challenge how we view contemporary and modern art in an ever-changing world.

Alec Monopoly - how to store canvas paintings

The Monopoly Conversation

Alec Monopoly is a graffiti artist turned contemporary pop art legend. His work has gained notoriety with celebrities from Justin Bieber to Khloe Kardashian.

MONOPOLY $ BAG + BIG BEN TRUNK - Alec Monopoly - Celebrating International Artists Day

MONOPOLY TEAM AT JETSONS - Alec Monopoly - Celebrating International Artists Day

This is in large part due to Monopoly’s ability to take familiar characters such as Uncle Pennybags or the Jetson family and reimagine them in a world of his own making.

By using modern luxury culture as inspiration, Alec Monopoly art sparks conversation about the meaning of status and excess in today’s society.

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David Kracov - Love is in the Air - Celebrating International Artists Day

Kracov and Color

It is rare that one stumbles upon a David Kracov artwork that isn’t illuminated by a rainbow of colors. However, pinpointing the meaning of color in Kracov artwork can be a difficult thing to do. When asked about it, Kracov was quoted as saying, “Ask one hundred artists to express what color means to them, and you will most likely get one hundred different responses. That is the excitement of creativity. Never knowing what one is thinking until there is something tangible to experience. Art requires emotions and expressions. And in doing so, the viewer, in return, possibly expresses emotions, thoughts, and memories of times, places, and people that spark their memory. Good memories and bad memories; they are all integral to experiencing all forms of art.”

David Kracov - My Heart Is All A Flutter - Celebrating International Artists Day

In appreciating Kracov’s art, one notices this common theme of sparking memory and emotion. Whether it be a bold wall sculpture or an original papercut Kracov’s contribution to the art world is unparalleled in his ability to keep the experience of his artwork alive in the viewer’s mind long after they are no longer seeing it.

David Kracov - Eden Fine Art Gallery- Celebrating International Artists Day

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Angelo Accardi- how to store canvas paintings

The World of Accardi

Angelo Accardi is an Italian artist who blends inspiration from art masters like Magritte, Klimt and Leonardo Davinci with his own original, surreal visions of everyday life.

How to choose art for your home - Eden Gallery

Combining contemporary expression with a unique appreciation for classical art, Accardi’s artwork crosses borders with its ability to pay tribute to artists before him while simultaneously pulling his audience into his own playful world of surreal beauty.

Angelo Accardi modern art vs classical art painting

The result is an enigmatic amalgamation of classic and modern art, animated with recognizable cartoon characters who engage with their setting, often without awareness of their being misplaced in any way. 

Be Careful - Angelo Accardi - International Artists Day

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