Immerse in Artistry: Mykonos Summer Soirée 2023 at Eden Gallery

As summer stretches its golden wings, Eden Gallery invites you on a captivating artistic voyage on the regal island of Mykonos. Prepare to sail through various mesmerizing creative events, beginning July 12th with Gal Yosef. His digital brush breathes new life into well-known cartoon narratives, transforming them into edgier, darker reflections of our world.

As the Aegean winds whisper tales of inspiration on July 13th, we reveal the creative synergy of Fred Allard & Joseph. Allard, the maestro of transformation, turns luxury handbags into timeless works of art. Joseph, the societal storyteller, captures the zeitgeist of our times, echoing the resonant issues of today's culture.

The odyssey continues on July 19th with Eddy Maniez's pointillist dreamscape. His hand-crafted sculptures, studded with silicone dots and Swarovski crystals, catch the radiant Mykonos sunlight, igniting a brilliant ballet of colorful reflections.

On July 22nd, we navigate the surreal realms of Angelo Accardi. His artwork is a visual symphony, fusing human forms and animals and shifting timescales into an infinite canvas of imaginative exploration.

The last week of July welcomes the rebellious spirit of Alec Monopoly. His fiery graffiti narratives on the 29th leap off the walls, revealing a playful critique of capitalism under the burning Mykonian sun.

As August awakens, the 5th ushers in a spectacular explosion of pop art colors and abstract shapes from the creative minds of Jisbar & Dorit Levinstein. Their work paints a vibrant tableau of positivity and thought-provoking imagery.

On August 12th, find yourself entranced by the spiritual serenity of Metis Atash's spiritual sculptures. Her art, adorned with a myriad of Swarovski crystals, catches the glimmers of summer, reflecting the meditative calm of the Buddha.

As the winds of change usher in Veronique Guerrieri's unique vision on August 19th, lose yourself in her creative vortex. Her striking and vibrant sculptures, hovering between the abstract and the figurative, hold the power to stir the soul.

The grand finale arrives on August 21st, revealing the magical union of Yoel Benharrouche & F&G. Dive into Benharrouche's mystical energy portrayed through vibrant colors before being swept away by F&G's thought-provoking narratives that reflect our contemporary social, cultural, and political landscapes.

This summer, Eden Gallery promises more than just a showcase; it promises an immersive journey. The heart of Nammos Village in Mykonos has become intertwined with art, passion, and the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean. Engage with the artists, dive into the depths of the subconscious, and create lasting memories sculpted by the breathtaking artistry of this unforgettable experience. RSVP NOW.


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