Veronique Guerrieri

Nostalgic Sculpture Artist

Véronique Guerrieri was born in Boulogne Billancourt, France in 1954. She studied at both the École du Louvre and the École des Beaux Arts in Paris. Her resin sculptures are based on the topic of the single, only child, also referred to as  “baby king”. In wanting to give the viewer space to create their own narrative about her artwork, Véronique creates sculptures based on the universal nostalgia of childhood. Véronique Guerrieri’s work is selectively exhibited in Eden Gallery locations worldwide.


Artworks by Veronique Guerrieri

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Discover your next work of art. Search by artist, collection or size.


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Who is Veronique Guerrieri ?

Véronique Guerrieri withdraws within her own imagination when creating her wondrous sculptures that range from tabletop size to monumental pieces. Her work features a cast of characters that connect with older children and adults who aspire to keep their inner child alive. Symbolically, Guerrieri’s rabbit sculptures are “an inert object animated by the proverbial child who gives him magical powers”. This is the object that the artist has chosen to symbolize childhood. Her artwork is done in simplified shapes that are easily recognizable to the viewer and that begin with sculpting forms from plaster. 


Guerrieri has also collaborated with leading international artists including Morio Matsui, Rancillac, and Klasen. In 1994, Guerrieri helped the artist Arman create the largest sculpture in the world at 105 feet (32 meters). Located in the Yarze district of Beirut, the Hope for Peace monument is composed of concrete, tanks, and military assault vehicles.