How to Store Pastel Drawings

Are you someone who loves pastel drawings and is looking for how to store pastel drawings? If you’re in need of some tips and tricks on how to store pastel drawings, then look no further!

Although pastels are both beautiful and a delight to work with, we all know they can get smudged quite easily. Pastel is one of the more complicated painting mediums to transport or store long-term, so here’s a list of tips and tricks for you on how to store your pastel drawings. 

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How to Store Pastel Drawings 

Pastel drawings are beautiful but can be delicate. You know they need to be handled and stored carefully if you’ve ever owned or worked with pastel artworks before. Here are some tips you should follow to make storing pastel drawings easier. 

When beginning the drawing, make sure you leave at least an inch around the border of the paper. Make certain the space is on all four sides, and by doing this, you’ll have room for the mat, which helps protect your drawings’ edges better. This method also makes handling your artwork easy during its creation, framing, and storage.

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When concerned with drawings and paintings, glassine is your best friend, so make sure your pastel drawing is covered to protect it completely. Never use newspapers to store pastel artworks, as the ink from the newsprint can transfer onto your canvas and ruin it.

It’s ideal to use a foam board that is acid-free to protect your drawing and its edges while it’s in storage. 

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You should avoid tape and cardboard when storing pastel drawings; these are often acidic and can seep into your beautiful artwork and ruin it.

How to Store Pastel Paintings

If you enjoy creating or collecting original paintings, especially pastel, these three easy storage tips are for you: 

  1. Large mirror boxes are ideal for the storage of pastel paintings. These boxes are pretty wide and can easily hold up to several pastel paintings and drawings. They are also pretty easy to carry with you if you are moving.
  2. Another important tip is to make sure to put the glass on top when planning to frame your pastel paintings to protect them from damage.
  3. Storing pastel paintings flat is another tip that keeps them in mint condition for longer. Paintings can be stored on a shelf or a box, but make sure there is a glass between each drawing or painting.

How Long Will a Pastel Painting Last?

Pastels are said to be one of the most permanent mediums of art, but to make this medium last longer, make sure to use acid-free archival paper and frame your painting correctly.

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With proper protection, a pastel artwork won’t get dark, turn yellow, fade, or crack. Instead, the paintings will stay as fresh as the day they were created!

How Do You Keep Pastel Art From Smearing?

Pastels smudge easily, so it’s a common question from artists on how to keep your pastel art from getting smeared and smudged. Here are a few methods to follow to preserve the art and prevent pastels from smearing.

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One of the few essential things when working with pastels is to get your hands on a Final Fixative. This fixative is applied or sprayed on your finished paintings or pastel drawings to keep them from smearing. Depending on your choice, you can quickly get your hands on a matte, glossy, or high gloss finish. 

It will give an exotic touch to your beautiful piece of pastel artwork and help it stay put and prevent it from getting ruined.

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Follow these methods and ensure a longer life for your pastel art. Buy original artworks with confidence knowing you can keep your pastel artworks looking pretty for a lifetime!


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