How to Store Oil Paintings

Looking to store your newly purchased oil paintings but not sure how to do so safely? 

This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to safely store your oil paintings. We’ve got all the tried and tested solutions here.

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How to Store Oil Paintings Long Term

Anyone who collects paintings or has a family oil painting collection knows how important it is to preserve your precious original artworks. If you have a unique art collectible or are just an oil painting collector here are three practical ways of storing that beautiful art. 

  1. Less contact is better: When looking to store for a longer time, the best thing to do is make sure there is minimal contact with the painting, during transportation, and even if someone is carrying it.
  2. Wrap it: Packing is the best to avoid contact with the oil paintings; not only does it stay safe but clean and fresh too.
  3. Storage is vital: For a painting to last longer and stay the same way it is, you need to ensure it is safely stored in terms of temperature and other affecting factors. You can store paintings safely by consulting storage unit facilities that can do the job perfectly. Call up someone in your local area and preserve your beautiful oil artwork.



How to Store Oil Paintings on Canvas

Any collector of oil paintings on canvas will want to store them perfectly so they stay in good condition. There are some simple dos and don’ts that you should follow if you’re thinking about how to store oil paintings on canvas.

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Firstly, you should never store oil paintings in extreme temperatures, such as in humid and hot places, or very cold rooms. Extremes in temperature can cause layers of oil paint to expand and even contract, resulting in canvas loosening, and you do not want that. 

Canvas can also be sensitive to light, so you’ll want to store your canvas paintings in a dark room, but also one that is dry. It’s also important to ensure your oil paintings on canvas aren’t stored standing up; instead, they should be laid flat or can be packed in mirror boxes. 

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Where Should I Store My Oil Paintings to Dry?

If you’re an artist you will also need to take care when storing fresh oil paintings. wIf you’ve just completed a painting and need it to dry fully in time for delivery, be displayed, or to be packed away, follow these tips.

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You should always use a drying rack. An artist’s equipment should always include a drying rack. Not only are drying racks convenient for temporary storage, but they are a pretty good way to dry out your paintings on canvases. Drying racks have various compartments and can easily hold your beautiful canvas. 

It’s also important to remember to store fine art canvases at a suitable temperature if you’re hoping your canvas dries out quickly, but safely. Don’t try to speed up the drying process by putting your canvas in the sun or in a hot room. 

Make sure to store paintings in an area of a suitable temperature, meaning that the temperature should be moderate with 45-55% humidity and 65-70 F and in a dark place.

Lastly, remember that a freshly painted oil painting shouldn’t be touched 18-24 hours after creation to avoid ruining it. Handle your canvas with great care!

Art collecting is all about preserving uniqueness. Additionally, older paintings often increase in value, so storage is very important.


Storing & Collecting Oil Paintings

By taking careful preventative measures, you can store your oil paintings in good condition for a lifetime. You can buy and collect beautiful original oil paintings as an investment or display them and enjoy them in your home.  Eden Gallery online has a wide selection of original paintings for sale by fine artists.



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