How to Store Acrylic Paintings

Artists and acrylic painting collectors alike all need to store their paintings at some point. Read these tips before stashing away your precious art pieces to ensure your paintings are safely stored.

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How Do You Store Finished Acrylic Paintings?

If you want to store finished and dried out acrylic paintings quickly, then here are a few tips to follow: 

  • Avoid placing them face-to-face; remember to put them facing away from each other to avoid them sticking together.
  • Finished acrylic paintings need to be packed and stored in ideal boxes, probably in a metal storage box available conveniently in any store nearby. The metal is safe and will not ruin your paintings.
  • Cardboard and wood boxes are less ideal, as they can be susceptible to mold, damp and bugs.
  • Do not store paintings in places with lots of sunlight or light in general; this may turn your acrylic painting yellow or remove its solid finish.

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What to Put Over an Acrylic Painting to Protect It

If storing and preserving your fine artwork is important, you know the hassle you must go through to keep the painting looking fresh, protected from dust, and not turning yellow. Follow the following tips:

  • All artists should ideally varnish their finished acrylic paintings. Are you wondering what the varnish does? It acts as a protectant keeping the painting dust-free, protecting it from UV rays, and preventing it from turning yellow.
  • Varnish is also helpful in adding shine, pulling the painting together, and adds that final touch to it. Plus, it brings out all the beautiful colors in your paintings.

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How Do You Wrap Acrylic Paintings for Storage?

Wrapping acrylic paintings is relatively easy and a pretty effective way to protect the artworks from all sorts of pollutants and harm’s way. Use the following steps to ensure your beautiful art piece remains safe and sound. 

  • Wrap it in plastic, and this way, you’ll be able to clean it today and away from harm. This plastic helps maintain that glossy finish and prevents the painting from getting damaged.
  • After wrapping comes the styrofoam! After wrapping and sealing the acrylic painting, you can quickly get a custom-made box with styrofoam tailored to the measurements of your artwork to keep it all snug and tight, so it doesn’t come out from the packaging.
  • Finally, and lastly comes the concluding cardboard box; you can store your paintings that are all stuffed in styrofoam inside this box, and it’s finally ready to be stored away, or you can ship it to the gallery owner or client! Don’t worry; it’ll be safe and protected.


How Do You Store Acrylic Paintings, So They Don’t Stick Together?

Preventing your acrylic paintings from sticking together can quickly be done if you line them with glassine paper or some readily available greaseproof paper. These papers are smooth and easily removable if, by chance, they stick together.


Preserve Your Artwork

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You’re all set now, and don’t worry because all your paintings will be stored safe and sound if you’ve followed these tips! Now you know to preserve your artworks, you can start exploring original paintings for sale online and in galleries.


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