How to Pack Paintings for Moving

Artwork and paintings add beauty and character to a home. When moving or shipping art pieces, it’s natural that art lovers get a little anxious about their artwork. 

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Every artwork requires proper handling, and paintings can be easily damaged if not cared for properly. When packing, you cannot treat an acrylic painting the same way as an oil painting. Therefore we’ve put together this quick guide on packing your paintings so that they are protected and remain safe and secure.

How to Pack Acrylic Paintings for Moving

The acrylic paint medium is sensitive to extreme temperatures and must be stored and packed carefully. If you wrap acrylic paintings in a plastic sheet, the sheet may risk sticking to the painting if the temperature is too hot. 

calman shemi arleqino paintingsOn the other hand, in very cold weather, acrylic paints are susceptible to cracking. Therefore the temperature at which you transport your paintings should be one of the first factors taken into account. A moving truck can become very cold or too hot if the temperature for your belongings isn’t carefully considered.

When packing acrylic paintings to ship, store or move, you should wrap acrylic first with wax paper or glass line paper, so it does not ruin the painting by sticking to it. Also, make sure that the picture is absolutely waterproof before covering it. After the initial wax paper wrapping, use bubble wrap to secure the painting. Make sure that you mark the boxes you are using for moving your acrylic paintings in as FRAGILE.

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How to Pack Oil Paintings for Moving

Like other artworks, you should take care when moving oil paintings. Be mindful of the temperature, as extremes in heat or cold can damage canvas and oil paints. 

Use tissue paper, foam, or breathable sheets to avoid trapping moisture when moving an oil painting. Humidity can damage your artwork. Do not use bubble wrap directly to prevent trapping moisture as it can rough up the painting’s layer. 

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Oil paintings must always be packed with the works stacked sideways and not flat. With this method, you can be confident that if something falls on the box, it will hit the frame instead of the face or the back of the pictures. 

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Oil paintings should be stored at the bottom of the vehicle because the heat rises, so the vehicle’s bottom becomes cooler. Oil paintings also take a long time to dry, so artists should take care that their artworks are only moved when completely dry. Depending on how recently they painted, temperature fluctuations in a moving truck can cause the oil paint to blend or split. 

How to Pack Canvas Paintings for Moving

To carry canvas paintings, first, make sure to place the artwork face down by lining it with bubble wrap that’s about two times the artwork’s width. Tape the bubble wrap around the painting. Then, pack the artwork in a cardboard case that is only somewhat bigger than the artwork and seal all sides with packing tape. Use a lasting stamp or marker to write “FRAGILE” on the box where you plan to store the paintings.

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When loading canvases into the moving van, make sure to store the canvas upright and not lying down, as this reduces the risk of damage. But you can also place them between heavy, secure furniture that won’t move during transport.

How to Pack Drawings for Shipping

Just like any artwork, drawings should be stored carefully. A drawing or a painting may be rolled temporarily for transport, but it should not be stored rolled up long-term. Make sure that you keep the medium of the drawings in mind and work accordingly. Note that pastel drawings should not be rolled up because they will smudge. 

Make sure that the drawings are dry and not at all wet or sticky when transporting. Line drawings with wax paper or non-acidic paper, afterward bubble wrap them and pack them in a cardboard box with “FRAGILE” marked on both sides to warn the movers.

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Fine art acrylic or oil paintings are an excellent investment that can be enjoyed and displayed for years if adequately transported and protected. Original paintings for sale can be found in Eden art galleries, Eden online art gallery, and private collections worldwide.

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