How to Pack Artwork for Moving

How to pack artwork for moving is a challenging ordeal for anyone, but it becomes even more taxing if you are an art collector. Artworks and paintings are of great value to both the artist and the owner. While moving, all art lovers get a little anxious about packing their artwork. Here is a guide to help you out with artwork packing.

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How to Pack Your Artwork for Moving

The essential first step when packing any artwork is to ensure it’s secure by lining it with protective non-acidic paper and then wrapping it in bubble wrap. For better packing, place the wrapped artwork in a slightly larger cardboard box.

How to Pack Framed Art for Moving

Framed artworks need to be packed so both the canvas and the frame are protected from potential damage. To pack framed art pieces, use foamy material to secure the frame and wrap it with bubble wrap. Secure the wrapped piece by placing it in a cardboard box and mark it as fragile.

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How to Pack Canvas Art for Moving

To carry canvas paintings, first, tape the bubble wrap around the artwork. Pack the artwork in a cardboard case that is only somewhat bigger than the artwork and seal all sides with packing tape. Use a lasting stamp or marker to write “fragile” on the box in which you plan to store the paintings.

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When loading canvases into the moving van, make sure to store the canvas upright and not lying down, as this reduces the risk of damage. But you can also place them between heavy, secure furniture that won’t move during transport.

How to Pack Pictures for Moving

To move pictures, follow the same directions as you would for framed art pieces. The main thing is to secure it nicely by using a good quality wrap and cardboard case marked as fragile. Place it vertically in the moving truck. 

How to Pack Small Pictures for Moving

For small pictures, first, secure them in an album case. This will prevent pictures from creasing and damage. Place the albums in a cardboard box and label the box with the related content in it. So you know what is in the trunk when you finally move to the other place. 

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How to Pack Wall Art for Moving

Follow the same rule for wall art as you would for canvases or framed art pieces. Do mark the boxes as “fragile” so that the movers know to handle them properly. 

How to Pack Art Supplies for Moving

Pack your art supplies in a way that protects them from damage. Wrap your brushes with stretch wrap to prevent deformity. You should line canvases with bubble wrap. Make sure that your paints and other art mediums are also completely wrapped and secure. Find a cardboard case to fit all of it. Mark the case as “fragile” and ensure it is stored somewhere with an even temperature, so your paints don’t get dry.

colorful art tree yoel benharrouche paintingHow to Pack Fine Art for Moving

If the art is lined with glass, use masking tape to mark an X on it. This technique helps to limit the glass from breaking. Use foam for the frame. Line the art pieces with plain non-acidic paper so to prevent ink transfer. 

Line the fine art pieces with bubble wrap and place them securely in a cardboard case. Load it in the moving truck in an upright position; this prevents damage. 

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This guide should help you with packing your artwork and photographs. Make sure to follow the guidelines to move your precious art pieces safely.

Storing and Collecting Fine Art

By taking careful preventative measures, you can store and transport your fine artworks in good condition. If you’re still building your collection, you can find original artworks at Eden Gallery online with a wide selection of original paintings for sale.

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