From Lens to Drawing: The Dynamic Evolution of SN's Artistic Journey

Photography in Art: A New Age Renaissance 

Photography has become an increasingly popular medium of artistic expression in recent years. From the early days of black and white photography to the vibrant and experimental works of contemporary photographers, a renaissance in the appreciation of photography as an art form continues to thrive. Having the ability to capture moments, tell stories, and challenge perceptions of reality, there are hardly limits to what the camera can do. For Eden Gallery artist SN, photography started out as a hobby to capture the beauty of the natural world through his eyes, and became the starting point for his awe-inspiring mixed media artworks.



Capturing the Natural World Through SN’s Lens

For SN, the natural world was everything to him from as early as he can remember. His most beloved childhood memories include watching birds of prey in the fields near his home with binoculars. He recalls the excitement he would feel over seeing them at such a close distance and also drawing birds and leopards on copy paper at the desk in his childhood bedroom. He explains that as a child, he had an encyclopedia about wildlife which was his bible. It was a natural consequence that SN developed a penchant for photography, as this outlet was an apt way for him to capture his enthusiasm for wildlife. His work called ‘Humanimal Lion’ is a stunning display of SN’s photography and love for wildlife, from his earlier years as an artist.


Telling a Story: SN’s Deep Understanding of Beauty 

Through his exquisite photography of animals and landscapes, SN began to add effects and other mediums to his photos in order to provoke a deeper impact. Like so many talented artists, SN is a storyteller. In his own words he explains, “if your art combines beauty and a story that excites the viewer and the viewer understands the story immediately, this is winning.” For SN, he believes that his understanding and weakness for beauty is what helps him to be a great artist and capture breathtaking scenery. This beauty is what speaks to the viewers, inspires immediate magnetism to his artwork, and makes it hard to look away. The evolution of SN’s work from focusing mainly on photography to now adding more elements like paint and dried butterflies, is a result of his understanding of beauty which he explains has only become clearer year after year. 


Doing Things His Own Way: Neglecting the Status Quo

SN does things his own way, and knows that while other artists may say there are more urgent or bigger things to be scrutinized than beauty, he maintains his belief that beauty is important to explore. SN feels that beauty is primitive and that is why upon first glance, it excites viewers in such a visceral way. This is exactly what he aims to achieve with his art using his combination of colors, aesthetics, symmetry and symbolism. With these themes, his photography evolved and he began using charcoal to draw stunning images. He often lines these charcoal drawings and butterflies like in his work called ‘Superhero,’ which shows an angelic woman wearing a dress lined with mounted butterflies


From Striking Photography to Alluring Mixed Media

From a young photographer to a master of mixed media, SN’s love for wildlife and affinity for beauty is what keeps his artwork evolving. Through his use of color, texture, and form, we see how SN's mixed media works create a deeply moving and tactile experience for the viewer. From his early love for wildlife and the natural world along with his non-conformist methods, SN’s art has become internationally recognized and sought after. To see more striking contemporary art, browse the Eden Gallery website or visit a local gallery near you.

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