Eden London Recap

This past week, Angelo Accardi, Gal Yosef, and Eduardo Kobra showcased their newest collection of artworks within Eden Gallery's four-story gallery in the center of London and Mayfair luxury shopping district. The unforgettable events encompassed cutting-edge modern paintings, live dedications, a live show from graceful aerial dancers, and live musical performances. In addition, guests had the opportunity to endure an exciting meet and greet with each artist while enjoying refreshments and immersing themselves in the endless depths of the daring artist's creativity.

Reimagining familiar characters with a unique twist, Gal Yosef, exclusive Eden Gallery artist,  exhibited a cartoon universe like no other. A prodigy in the field of 3D art, Yosef intrigued his guests with a digital waterfall along with a digital wall that guests were able to sign or paint. The event also consisted of a fog screen filled with animations and a debut of Yosef's newest collection. Yosef continues to evolve with his inspirations, exploring a new kind of contemporary art by utilizing computer technology in his creative process. 



One of the most recognizable and celebrated muralists of our time, Eduardo Kobra, hosted an incredible event at the Eden Gallery London location. Influenced by both modern and contemporary artists, Kobra revealed a new mixed media on canvas called "The Queen" and went above and beyond to create a mural of the artwork right next to Camden Market, one of the largest street markets in London. Guests enjoyed a live band as they were mesmerized by the realism behind Kobra's three-dimensional designs.



Illustrating surreal visions of everyday life, Angelo Accardi greeted guests with an interactive experience where they participated in throwing small balloons of paint at a blank canvas, creating their artwork right within the gallery. Accardi debuted his new collection during the exhibition, demonstrating his well-known avant-garde style and unique perspectives. Accardi's ironic, striking, and playful creations filled the gallery with light and creativity.


To explore more artworks by Gal Yosef, and Eduardo Kobra, Angelo Accardi check the Eden Gallery website to view their latest collections, or visit your nearest Eden Gallery location today.

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