Mykonos 2021

There is no question about it, Mykonos is the epitome of luxury travel. With exceptional views, an array of top-tier dining, and the hottest parties of the summer, visitors are once again flocking to this Mediterranean paradise.


Alec Monopoly - Eden Fine Art - Mykonos Eden Gallery

Eden Gallery Mykonos

The skies are open again and so is Eden Gallery Mykonos. Showcasing contemporary fine art against the backdrop of the famed Nammos Village, Eden Gallery Mykonos offers one-of-a-kind experiences.

mykonos eden art gallery

Nammos Village is famous for its parties and five-star services. With gourmet restaurants like Scorpio’s, a favorite of Bella and Gigi Hadid, and a beachfront as fashionable as a Milan runway, Nammos is the place for luxury pampering. 

Eden Gallery - Nammos Village - Mykonos

Yachts and private jets are all making their way to the summer playground of the rich and famous, along with some of Eden Gallery’s top artists.

Alec Monopoly: Summer Blues

eden gallery mykonos 2021 sculpture alec monopoly

The notorious superstar of graffiti art, Alec Monopoly, will be back in Mykonos on August 12th. During Monopoly’s last appearance in Mykonos, he shocked guests by arriving on his own spray-painted helicopter. This year, Alec will be live-tagging a floating sculpture on the sea of Nammos Beach to kick off the first of his summer parties. Join us for an extravagant art exhibition on the shores of the Aegean Sea, unlike anything you’ve seen before.


Galy: A 21st Century Sculptor

Gal Yosef (Galy) is one of the youngest artists to have ever made his mark on the international art scene. He approaches his work with cutting-edge ideas, in both his artistic process and subject matter.

pikachu-loves-money - Gal Yosef - Emerging Artists

This digital sculptor will launch his latest collection of avant-garde mixed media artwork at Eden’s Mykonos Gallery on July 21st. Synchronistic with Nammos style, this launch will be a party to remember. American rapper, ‘A Boogie wit da Hoodie’ will kick off Eden’s first real party of the summer in celebration of Galy’s new collection.


Metis Atash: Inspired by Swarovski Crystals

Sculpture Collection - Metis Atash Madison Collection

Metis Atash is an international artist bringing together inspirations from both Eastern spirituality and modern society. Combining Buddhist philosophy with punk rock aesthetics and the occasional tribute to great artists of the past, Metis Atash is a visionary that you will want to get to know. On July 29th, Eden Gallery will open its doors to the public to explore her dazzling collection of Swarovski crystal sculptures.



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