Drawing vs. Sketching

Drawing is one of the core forms of both the visual arts and fine arts. The term “drawing” is often used interchangeably with the term “sketching,” but are they the same thing, or is there a difference between these two?

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Is Drawing Sketching?

There is a difference between drawing and sketching. Both terms can describe the process of creating artwork, but a drawing can also describe a final product. All sketches are drawings, but not all drawings are sketches. Read more about what is drawing

What Is the Difference Between a Sketch and Drawing?

The difference between a sketch and a drawing comes down to the level of detail and finish. A sketch is usually a quick observation, it is often the precursor to a final product. 

Artists using other mediums may sketch before creating a painting, sculpture, photograph, or architectural design. However, the sketch is not their final, realized artwork. 

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Sketches, however, typically use quick marks and simple lines to capture only the essential elements of the subject matter. A sketch will usually lack many of the details that a finished drawing would have. 

The fundamental elements will get worked out in a sketch, such as the composition, proportion, scale, and the balance between values. If an artist works these out in their draft sketch, they can avoid mistakes in their finished drawing, painting, or other artwork.

A drawing is a fully conceptualized and completed artwork. Finished drawings include more detail and techniques such as watching, shading, or even color.

Is Drawing Harder Than Sketching?

Many people consider drawing to be more challenging than sketching because it requires the use of more techniques, such as shading, hatching, or detail. However, that does not mean that sketching itself is easy to master. 

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A successful sketch must master all the elements or basics of three-dimensional artwork, such as line, proportion, scale, balance, positive and negative space, etc. 

An artist must master these complex essential elements before moving on to detailed drawings or paintings. For this reason, sketching is often one of the first things art students learn as an artistic fundamental. 

What Is the Difference Between a Working Sketch and a Working Drawing?

Working sketches and working drawings are both used as precursors to finished products. A working drawing, also known as a scale drawing, is a commercial term. It usually serves as a guide for the construction or manufacture of something three-dimensional. 

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This could be a sculpture, building, product, or machine. A working sketch is a more artistic term that usually describes the precursor to a finished drawing, illustration, or painting

A working drawing will usually need to be true to scale and mathematically correct. It may use measuring tools such as rulers, compasses, etc. A working sketch is usually created freehand, and while it will convey proportion, it does not need to be to scale or mathematically accurate. 

Sketching Vs Drawing Mediums and Surfaces

You may also distinguish a sketch from a drawing based on the mediums and surfaces used to create the work. Sketches will usually be created using mediums such as graphite pens, charcoal, ink, pencil, and Conte. A drawing may use these mediums as well, but may also add color or other additional mediums, such as pastels or colored pencils. 

The size of the artwork may also distinguish the two. Sketches are usually smaller than drawings and may be done in a small sketchbook or notepad. Drawings are often created in a larger size to be displayed. 

We can also distinguish sketches from drawings based on the surface an artist has used. Sketches are generally created on lower quality paper, this could include newsprint or a sketch pad. 

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Artists usually create finished drawings on higher-quality papers or surfaces, including Bristol paper, rag paper, or drawing paper. If color is going to be added, then the paper or surface will need to be thicker and more robust.

Drawing and Sketching Definitions

There are no rules when it comes to contemporary artwork, and these definitions between drawing and sketching are just generalizations. 

There are plenty of high-quality “sketches” by master artists that can be found in our art history books. Artists like Leonardo Di Vinci, Albrecht Dürer, Michelangelo, Charles Le Brun, Rembrandt, or Raphael are well known for their beautiful sketches. These preliminary artworks are now considered “priceless” works of fine art

Modern and contemporary artistic styles will often approach finished drawings with a loose style to deliberately make them look like sketches to further blur the lines.

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Both drawings and sketches are essential and valid forms of artistic expression that serve important roles in creating and enjoying art.


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