Calman Shemi: a Celebration of Color

The highly acclaimed artist Calman Shemi, creates beautifully bright, exquisite, and contemporary art. He has pioneered new painting techniques, distinctive from anything ever done before. He exhibited in every continent, and is highly commended by artistic institutions and art patron worldwide. Eden Fine Art is proud to celebrate the esteemed artist and distribute his original works through its galleries and partner galleries globally.

Calman Shemi: a Celebration of Color

Calman Shemi

Calman Shemi began his artistic career at age 13 in Mendoza, Argentina. He knew at this young age that his artistic genius was what was to guide his future. Shemi left high school early, determined that his life’s path was to be an artist. He knew at the time that the formal education system was not essential in pursuing his ultimate dream. It took him only a week after starting at the academy before he got special recognition. His instructor told him that he would one day become a great artist.

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Shemi certainly did not disappoint. He studied under the masters, Italian-Argentian sculptor Libero Badii and German-Israeli sculptor Rudi Lehmann. Shemi soon developed a repertoire of artistic and philosophical principles that he has been able to apply to his work ever since. He built on his classical training and developed new techniques in painting, always challenging himself with new artistic mediums.

International Artist

Calman Shemi’s artworks are on display around the world; Japan, the United States, France, Spain, and more. For his new collaboration, it is an exciting opportunity for both partners to benefit. In harmony with Shemi’s works, Eden Fine Art exhibits a uniquely contemporary collection. This collection shows a diverse range of artists geared towards a universal audience.

Calman Shemi: a Celebration of Color

“Itself color has nothing. How you use means everything. Like the canvas, color is an instrument to express, to communicate, to convey.” – Calman Shemi

Shemi’s works truly convey an optimistic and colorful view of life. Throughout his collections of Flowers, Arlequinos, and Music Notes, Shemi fills the canvases or wooden surfaces with bright hues and radiant textures. He explains that when he picks up a paintbrush every life experience, smell, memory, or feeling moves from his mind, through his hand, and into his work. 

Calman Shemi: a Celebration of Color


When speaking to Shemi, one becomes fully immersed in his words. He speaks about his love for nature, and for music, and everything that has built him as a person, and gone into his artistic endeavors. When viewing in his artworks, you can again become mesmerized by the colors and emotions that jump out at you. Consumed by the depths of layered colors, his paintings bring out raw emotions reminiscent of a Rothko. In the same way, the viewer and the artists both experience a deep meditative relationship. Artworks that you could sit in front of and contemplate for hours.

Calman Shemi: a Celebration of Color

One of Shemi’s most recognizable collections is Music Notes. This striking collection is created using impasto techniques along with his own created ones, resulting in vivid colors that seem to jump out at the viewer, and a shiny, sparkly surface that you can’t pull your eyes away from. This is simply one example of Shemi’s adept artistic capabilities.

Calman Shemi: a Celebration of Color

Calman Shemi Soft Painting

A kaleidoscope of color and shapes dance upon the canvas. Despite his early artistic education and creations being dominated by sculpture now, the artworks painted by Shemi are some of the most inspired and expressive creations in contemporary art.

In the mid-’70s, Shemi’s artworks took a turn, and he developed at the time a new technique. This technique, Soft Painting, came to fruition after experimenting with colors, shapes, and textures. Shemi begins with a color drawing to scale and then layers various irregularly shaped and textured fabrics overtop. Using a threadless 9,000-needle sewing machine, the materials become interwoven with one another and the background, resulting in an explosion of color and texture.

Calman Shemi: a Celebration of Color

Reminiscent of Henri Matisse, these soft paintings take on a life of their own. These colorful arrangements are collage-like upon first look, but as you immerse yourself in the art, you begin to appreciate the unique expression that is subtle and explosive at the same time. The vibrant compositions are soft and luminescent. They compel the viewer to sink into the vivid arrangements and absorb the joy, the passion, the excitement, the commotion, everything at once. 

Eden Fine Art

Since its establishment in 1997, Eden Fine Art has evolved into an intercontinental network of high-end galleries, representing a variety of international, contemporary artists. The gallery operates at the forefront of modern art, carefully curating a congruent collection of exceptional and vibrant artworks. The gallery’s chain operates in the most prime locations throughout the world including two flagship locations in New York City, the upscale Mayfair district in London, and the idyllic Mykonos island. As well the gallery has high-profile partnerships with independent galleries in every continent. 

Calman Shemi: a Celebration of Color

Calman Shemi’s paintings and sculptures can be found in galleries in SoHo, Madison Avenue, London, and more! His colorful aesthetic complements the contemporary artworks in the galleries. Eden Fine Art is eager to share the work of this world-famous artist! The gallery is now the sole distributor of original paintings and sculptures through a global network of galleries.

Calman Shemi: a Celebration of Color

Discover new artworks from this distinguished artist. Visit his new website or view Calman Shemi’s collection here.

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