Angelo Accardi’s London Exhibition With Eden Fine Art

Eden Fine Art London Opened Its Doors Thursday, October, 25th and Invited Collectors and Guests to ‘Misplaced,’ a Dream Exhibition by Angelo Accardi in the Heart of London’s Luxury Mayfair District.

On Thursday, October, 25th, Eden Fine Art London opened its doors and invited collectors and guests to ‘MISPLACED’, a dream exhibition by Angelo Accardi in the heart of London’s luxury Mayfair district. Over 600 guests filled the gallery’s space to explore the talented artist’s newest collection of original contemporary paintings and sculpture in a celebration of Fine Art.

Angelo Accardi in London Eden Gallery

Angelo Accardi in London Eden Gallery

Angelo Accardi in London Eden Gallery


Praised for his talent and originality, Angelo Accardi’s ‘MISPLACED’ collection captures the unconscious mind of the contemporary zeitgeist. In a surrealistic display of our generation’s fears, ambitions, and obsessions, Accardi uses characters and symbols precious to our cultural moment to deftly cut through the debate and spectacle of political repertoire. Accardi, like so many artists before him, challenges the status quo in his smart, predictive images, filling his painted “galleries” with prestigious, history-steeped artworks representative of pivotal moments of change. ‘MISPLACED’ juxtaposes political, spiritual, and creative leaders of the last few centuries to express the significance of art as a witness, including traditional masters like Caravaggio, Rembrandt and modern masters like Keith Haring, Takashi Murakami, Joan Miro, and Roy Lichtenstein. For those familiar with the meaning and significance of these paintings, Accardi’s work is a divine cultivation of symbols, each one more storied than the next, but even for those less versed, the whimsical, colorful canvases and stark, sensual sculpture ignite the imagination of every single viewer. Accardi also included special editions of his artworks for the London event, including UK symbols into his work to mark the Mayfair opening.

This unconventional exhibition left behind the stale, conservative openings you often see at galleries, giving Angelo Accardi’s opening night a contemporary kick by using the elements in his artwork as the decor for the party. Guests mingled with minions, ostriches, astronauts, among other characters from Accardi’s body of work in a dream-like opening mirroring the aura of Accardi’s surrealistic work- alight with wonder and curiosity, and full of symbolism and class. Guests took pictures with the artist in a life-sized set-up of an Accardi painting, joining their contemporary icons in their own Accardi painting. The night was a successful, colorful, tribute to the artist and his ‘MISPLACED’ collection.

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