An Expression Of Creation By Yoel Benharouche And Dorit Levinstein

Eden Fine Art’s ‘Garden of Eden’: an Art Experience Ahead of Its Time.

At Eden Fine Art we know how to have fun with style. You see we constantly provide art collectors and gallery-goers with countless opportunities to enjoy up-to-date perceptions of contemporary art.

On Thursday evening, more than 300 people gathered at our Mayfair gallery for the grand unveiling of our ‘Garden of Eden.’ Art connoisseurs joined us in a celebration of art, gaining a sneak peek at new collections from Dorit Levinstein and Yoel Benharrouche and sharing in an unforgettable night of modern expression.

An Expression Of Creation By Yoel Benharouche And Dorit Levinstein

Here’s how we did it…

1. From Eden Fine Art to a Heaven on Earth

Eden Fine Art Mayfair features 12,000 square feet of gallery space, exhibiting inspiring, and evocative artwork. On Thursday night, however, it became much more than that.

Thanks to set designers, Palmbrokers (Sleepy Hollow, Troy, Princess Bride), the entire gallery space was adorned with breathtaking foliage. In addition, waitresses graced the floors in seductive emerald green dresses and a snake added to the playfully sinful nature of the evening.

The theme was even extended to our ‘Tree of Life,’ a new competition initiative which gave attendees the chance to win a gorgeous bottle of rosé wine, custom designed and painted by the artist, Yoel Benharrouce.

An Expression Of Creation By Yoel Benharouche And Dorit Levinstein

2. Guests Partied With the Artists

Both Yoel Benharrouche and Dorit Levinstein create art that commits to vibrancy, synergy, color, and narrative. Whilst Yoel’s signature style embodies block colors, interesting forms, and curved shapes, Levinstein also uses lines and playful patterns to embrace the very essence of life. “There’s a magical moment when the artwork starts to come alive and take the lead,” she said.

Seeing artists next to their works added a new dimension to viewing art. It was inspiring for guests to understand the trail of thought behind the creation process and both Dorit and Yoel enjoyed mixing with members of London’s exclusive art scene on the night of the event.

An Expression Of Creation By Yoel Benharouche And Dorit Levinstein

3. Music and Art Became One

On Thursday night, each floor of our four-story gallery was painted in heavenly sounds. TV personality/DJ Will Best and ReviveHER records curated sounds of paradise with expelling DJ sets, whilst Tanya Cracknell aka The Grime Violinist treated guests to a stunning performance, blending classical music and hip hot beats and infusing the room with an unforgettable vibrancy.

An Expression Of Creation By Yoel Benharouche And Dorit Levinstein

4. Guests Brushed Shoulders With Likeminded People

Our ‘Garden of Eden’ saw guests fly in from across the globe for a chance to preview the artists’ new collections before they were open to the public. This meant that attendees had the opportunity to build connections and understand what it means to be a part of an international network of modern art.

In today’s world where contact with like-minded people is more often than not via likes, comments, and shares, attending events that promote a shared passion is rare. Exhibitions like our ‘Garden of Eden’ give new-gen art lovers the opportunity to create shared memories as well as providing a platform to discuss art and culture in today’s society.

An Expression Of Creation By Yoel Benharouche And Dorit Levinstein

The success of #EdenLive connects our artists with their worldwide audience whilst also providing online exposure for those who are unable to attend our exclusive art events. Don’t just take our word for it though, search #EdenLive on Instagram to see what you missed this time around.

Our social channels are the best way to stay up to date with our events, as well as new collections from our artists. Want to be a part of it? Make sure you’re following us because our next event is right around the corner…


Explore Yoel Benharrouche & Dorit Levinstein’s art collection online, or in any of Eden Fine Art’s ten gallery spaces all over the world!


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