Yoel Benharrouche: How Art Can Transform Your Spirituality

Using color, shapes, and form in painting to express a higher spiritual realm in the physical world has been attempted by many throughout history. This can be done in many art forms, including dance, music, poetry, and cinema. The ability to act as a medium between the divine and the earthly is a feat many claim, but the real aptitude to touch that visceral place in viewers is a gift reserved only for a few artists. See how Eden Gallery artist Yoel Bennarouche uses spirituality to create delightful and touching art. 



This renowned artist's distinctive style is marked by a dreamlike and lyrical quality that explores the connection between the material, mystical, and divine. Through his use of colors, figures, and mediums, his paintings achieve visual poetry that elevates his work beyond the ordinary. He believes that his creative process is a partnership between himself and a higher source, where he becomes a tool to construct the visual melodies of the universe and love. His artwork reflects a supreme idea translated onto the canvas and into the world, serving as a bridge between the values of the heavens and the reality of the earth.



In order to express his creative visions on canvas through paint, Yoel Bennarouche uses some repeated images and qualities in his paintings. His use of bold colors and his depiction of women help to create beautiful masterpieces with messages of love, hope, and optimism. Each color that Bennarouche uses has a specific meaning for him as he explains, "colors for me are forces. They indicate the different floors of reality, so I want to convey balance when I paint in green." He also uses blue tones to show how the subjects' souls flow out of their minds, connecting one to the other. He describes that he feels urged to find the color that matches the moment he embraces as he paints. In addition to color, he often paints beautiful images of women with a flowing, water-like quality. This adds a delicate quality and helps to convey different emotions. Yoel says, "The female figure stands out in my works. The woman is a sort of screen on which one can show a movie of an idea. The woman is a receptacle, capable of showing the root of a result. Through the woman, I am revealed." Yoel's painting, 'Les Délices de Mon Amour,' is an excellent example of how he uses the female form and a combination of bold colors to illustrate his overall message: hope, love, and beauty.



In addition to the feminine quality and the colorful patterns, Bennarouche often paints symbols of nature and music. He uses subjects such as birds, flowers, and trees, along with musical instruments like violins and clarinets, to name a few. These symbols, often woven together like water, give sound and life to his work. Rather than focusing on the details of such subjects, Yoel strives to create many small images of varying colors and shapes to convey harmony and union. In his painting called 'Fil Conducteur Invisible,' a sizable stringed instrument with leaves and feminine forms is woven abstractly to create an artwork that sings a song of beauty to the eyes. 


To translate the divine through to the physical realm in art is a gift that artist Yoel Bennarouche does with masterful grace. His lyrical paintings and colorful strokes fill the canvas with elegance and tranquility. Spirituality in art continues to offer a powerful means of exploring and expressing the human experience, and Yoel Bennarrouces's artwork continues to evolve and inspire. To see more expressive artworks, visit the Eden Gallery website or a local gallery near you.

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