World Ostrich Day

February 2nd is World Ostrich Day, a celebration of the world's largest living bird and a reminder to preserve nature and animals. Ostriches, or the flightless birds, are known for their speed, two-toed feet and often depicted in art as symbols of beauty, nobility, and playfulness. This is particularly evident in the works of renowned contemporary artist Angelo Accardi.

Accardi is a modern day surrealist who constantly seeks new sensations in his mixed media art. He focuses on the study of humanity and the spaces they occupy, as seen in his surreal paintings of everyday life against realistic urban backdrops. Accardi aims to create clashes of objects and characters that provoke contemplation and spark multiple interpretations in the viewer.



The ostrich is a recurring subject in Accardi's paintings. He often incorporates the birds into his large-scale abstract artworks, using them as symbols of grace, power, and freedom. Accardi's use of ostriches reflect his personal experiences and perspectives on the world and he is drawn to the birds’ combination of being both powerful and vulnerable, simultaneously. One such example is in his painting ‘An Ostrich in a New City,’ which depicts a city in disarray and the ostrich walking gracefully down the street, seemingly unaffected by its surroundings.


In addition to nobility and grace, Accardi also employs ostriches to show a whimsical playfulness. In his work ‘Minions Party,’ the colorful winged ostrich and lighthearted characters, reflect Accardi's approach to life, of not taking anything too seriously. He also sometimes uses ostriches to parody or reimagine famous works of art, such as his take on Pablo Picasso's ‘Guernica.’ Accardi's version of this historical painting, called ‘Guernica Upside Down,’ portrays a chaotic reality of upside-down ostriches with a camel at the center. This creative twist to the well known painting, showcases Accardi's witty style



Celebrating ostriches in art is just one way to appreciate the eccentric and majestic bird. Ostriches are a unique species that play a critical role in the natural world, and their populations have declined due to hunting and habitat destruction. Conservation efforts are crucial to ensure their survival and protect biodiversity. Ostriches are not only beautiful but also valuable to our ecosystem and economy. To see more of Accardi's exciting depictions of ostriches, visit the Eden Gallery website or a local gallery near you.

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