Valentine's Day Art: The LOVE Collection

Valentine’s Day is more than a day of romantic love for couples. It is a special day of the year for anyone to show their love to the people closest to them. While many brush off Valentine’s Day as a mere greeting card holiday, the day actually has a meaningful history and dates back to the 5th century.

Eden Gallery is celebrating this dedicated day of love with a special Love collection of art from a variety of our exclusive artists. Whether you are looking for a gift for a special someone, a best friend, a parent, or even hoping to add a little love over your own mantlepiece at home, Eden Gallery has something for everyone to fall in love with.


Valentine's Day - Golden Heart - SN - Eden Gallery

Sweet Little Jungle Love Orange - Plum - Eden Gallery


Gifts of Love for Valentine’s Day

David Kracov is an artist who lets his imagination guide his creative energy. The Book of Love is an expression of his love of the written word. This one of a kind sculpture piece is teeming with color and emotion and pays homage to those artists, writers, and poets who can transform words into entire worlds. Each and every Book of Love sculpture includes different poems from some of Kracov’s favorite poets, as well as Kracov’s own personal thoughts.

Valentine's Day - David Kracov - Book of Love - Eden Gallery

Take a closer look at one of David Kracov’s most famous works of art here.

My Heart Is All a Flutter

For many, butterflies are synonymous with beauty, freedom, and new beginnings. The beauty of David Kracov’s art is that it allows its viewers to take their own emotionally inspired perspective on any given piece.

My Heart Is All A Flutter is considered by Kracov to be one of his most personal pieces. It is this eye-catching sculpture that most often gets the question: “What is the meaning behind this piece?” Kracov’s answer to this question remains a mystery. He believes that one of the most alluring aspects of art is that the viewer becomes entranced by what they see and perceive.

First, the viewer’s vision is sparked, then they feel a connection with the artist and believe in themselves what the artist was thinking when creating the piece of art. They see it as an extension of themselves. 

Valentine's Day - My Heart Is All A Flutter - David Kracov - Eden Gallery

When it comes to a viewer’s connection to his art, Kracov says: “First, the viewer’s vision is sparked, then they feel a connection with the artist and believe in themselves what the artist was thinking when creating the piece of art. They see it as an extension of themselves. If the viewer knows what the artist was thinking, then it no longer becomes an extension of their own emotions, but rather an explanation of someone else’s”.

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Words of Affirmation

Words are powerful. Statement artwork that uses words to share feelings of hope or love can be particularly effective. Popular contemporary art often conveys messages through the written word, particularly in sculpture.

Artists F&G are both driven by a shared fascination with graphic design and innovation. Taking inspiration from Robert Indiana, their free-standing sculptures are representative of the many colors, expressions, and forms of love.

Using materials such as aluminum and plexiglass, F&G personify the emotional layers of love as well as the involuntary nature of the feeling. Their sculptures establish themselves as timeless statement pieces.

In contrast, Dorit Levinstein’s sculpture is committed to the use of color as a way to express emotion freely. Her specialty is close attention to detail and the unique use of pattern as a way to accentuate the shape and lines of her pieces. This is the way Dorit Levinstein communicates her genuine love for the art she creates.


Valentine's Day - Colorful Love 7 Layers - F&G - Eden Gallery

New Love - Dorit Levinstein - Eden Gallery Mykonos

Moments in Love

Yoel Benharrouche is an artist who aims to inspire a sincere connection with his audience. Part of this involves communicating the nature of our strongest emotions as well as the expression of the special connections that are established between two people.

Valentine's Day - Love - Yoel Benharrouche - Eden Gallery

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While Benharrouche’s paintings take a more spiritual approach when it comes to revealing human emotion, surreal artist Angelo Accardi is more playful.

With nods to both classical and pop artists, Angelo Accardi brings together history’s most beloved works of art as a tribute to art’s ability to both inspire and evoke human emotion.

Valentine's Day - Standing Together - Angelo Accardi - Eden Gallery

Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, inspire your loved ones with a unique piece of art that will last a lifetime. Discover the latest in Eden Gallery’s LOVE collection. 


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