Turning Everyday Items into Luxury Art

In a world of mass consumerism, where the allure of luxury brands and material objects reign supreme, Fred Allard and PLUM use their art to challenge our perceptions of beauty and value. Allard's use of luxury bags and PLUM's use of feathers challenge our assumptions about beauty and value, inviting us to look beyond the surface and find value in the unexpected. These two innovative artists are transforming daily items and natural materials into works of art.



The resin sculptures series of Fred Allard is a testament to his fascination with commerce and consumerism. He casts high-fashion bags filled with various objects in resin, showcasing the irony of conspicuous consumption in a visually striking way. Allard's works delve into the complex nature of constructed identities and luxury brands, creating a surreal and abstract world that challenges our assumptions about what constitutes art.


The childhood of PLUM was filled with the aesthetic stimulation of shapes, colors, and materials. His passion for natural materials and volumes led him to become an artist. PLUM's approach to art is characterized by his use of feathers to create mesmerizing compositions around luxury brands. His unique style reflects his childhood fascination with shapes, colors, and materials, which he translates into his art.

Both artists use their art as a form of social commentary, inviting us to see the beauty every day and pushing the boundaries of what we consider art, transforming familiar items into objects of luxury and value. By using humor, irony, and a keen sense of aesthetics, they challenge our perceptions of material objects and elevate them to the realm of art.

Through their art, both Allard and PLUM are inspiring us to look beyond the surface and find beauty and value in unexpected places. By elevating everyday items and natural materials to the realm of luxury art, they are urging us to embrace creativity and find beauty in the unexpected. Their work challenges our perceptions of material objects and consumer culture, inviting us to rethink our relationship with material things and the role they play in our lives. To explore more of their artworks, visit Eden Gallery.


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