The World of Pointillism: Exploring the Artistic Genius of Eddy Maniez


Art has evolved and changed throughout history, influenced by various cultural, social, and political movements. From the Renaissance to Modernism, each art movement brought its own ideas, styles, and techniques that have shaped the course of art history. Pointillism, a 19th-century movement of creating images with many tiny dots, has become a massive influence in contemporary art, and artist, Eddy Maniez, has revolutionized this technique by using it in the form of sculptures.

As a self-taught visual artist, Eddy Maniez is the first artist to use pointillism in silicone-based sculptures, as he brings life to his works through color, lines, and movement with dots and beautiful Swarovski crystals. Each silicone dot is applied with the naked eye and is sealed through carefully chosen, radiant Swarovski crystals. The artistic process is a unique experience, and the final product is a call to emotion and imagination.


Eddy's technique involves working instinctively, without a plan or diagram. He dresses his creations with hundreds or even thousands of silicone pegs, following the most expressive curves to give them life. The movement created by the dots creates a visually prickly yet soft-to-the-touch texture that exudes novelty. Eddy's tools are a simple manual silicone gun, identical to the one used for bathroom caulking. His specific silicone, developed since 2010, can resist over time, ensuring the longevity of his sculptures.

Before Eddy became a full-time artist, he worked for 20 years as a forester and was constantly in contact with nature and animals. Eddy uses pointillism to reflect his finitude of the natural world, as most of his sculptures are in the form of animals and sea creatures. One of Eddy's most famous artworks is his 'Moonfish' sculpture, which showcases a beautiful fish lined in Eddy's silicone dots. Eddy himself says that this work is his personal favorite and, in his own words, explains, "symbolically, it is my first commercialized animal work. I like its soft and rounded shape dressed in the increasing and decreasing movement of the silicone. He has a nice look; he travels across the oceans and reminds me of the infinite freedom of movement. I find him attractive."


Being the first contemporary artist to use pointillism in sculptures, Maniez is heavily influenced by several historically known artists that came before him and said, "I have always been fascinated by the incredible work of pointillist artists such as Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. These artists are my examples. Emotionally, I was influenced by the abstract works of Nicolas de Staël and the impressionism of Vincent Van Gogh." These artists have used pointillism, impressionism, or some form of abstract art in their works. Eddy took these ideas and styles and put them into contemporary art sculptures. A great example is his sculpture, 'Meduse Black,' which features a beautiful jellyfish made up of thousands of silicone dots and Swarovski crystals. The piece is inspired by the movement and fluidity of jellyfish in the water and showcases Eddy's ability to create stunning, lifelike sculptures using his unique technique.

Eddy Maniez's work is astonishing and exhilarating, combining historical techniques with contemporary sculpture to create unique art pieces. His sculptures capture the essence of movement and fluidity in nature while also showcasing the beauty of the pointillism technique in a new and innovative way. Explore more of his artworks at Eden Gallery.


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