The Heart and Soul of It - By Dorit Levinstein

Among all the noise and gossip, Dorit Levinstein’s pop-art ignores preconceived notions. Instead, Dorit’s goal in her sculpture is to find her subject’s “real life stories.”
Her work effortlessly and naturally captures the spirit of her subject in brilliant colors and elegant lines–delivering a piece that is not only a work of art, but something profoundly meaningful and real.

Each delicately handcrafted piece demonstrates the rhythmic flow of a dancer or symphony–every line is a beat, a sway, or a dance. In her collection, “Masters,” Dorit explores master paintings and reimagines them in sculpture. Her works include “THE FLUTIST” harking back to Manet’s “THE FIFER,” the fluid and colorful, “THE RHYTHM OF COLORS” a concretization of the ecstacy and delight in Matisse’s “DANCERS,” and “VENUS XL” a monumental piece commemorating Botticelli’s “THE BIRTH OF VENUS.” The epitome of a pop artist, Dorit’s sculpture redefines old by reimagining it in its essence.

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