The Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden – Yoel Benharrouche & Dorit Levinstein’s Art Expo

Eden Fine Art, alongside artists Dorit Levinstein and Yoel Benharrouche, are proud to present the unmissable ‘Garden of Eden’ exhibition, opening on March 14th, 2019.
The exhibition is based on themes of a biblical Eden which have captured the imagination of Levinstein and Benharrouche. The artists, in cooperation with Eden Fine Art Mayfair, invite art collectors and guests to enjoy an evening of contemporary expression with a twist, an artistic paradise on earth full of natural imagery, and an exploration of innocence.


The Exhibition Preview will see the gallery transformed into its very own conservatory with natural scenery from set designers Palmbrokers (Sleepy Hollow, Troy, Princess Bride) who will adorn the space with plants and trees. TV personality/DJ Will Best and ReviveHER records will be curating the sounds of paradise with an expelling DJ set and during the course of the evening, there will be a live performance from Tanya Cracknell aka The Grime Violinist and other surprise guests.

Benharrouche’s signature style radiates block colors, interesting forms, and curved shapes, promising to bring a new dimension to spirituality. He claims that his ‘paintings translate [his] inner world and are therefore an inseparable part of spiritual life.


This notion is something that Levinstein shares, however, she does so by toying with continuous lines and playful patterns, teasing her audience much like the snake goading Eve to succumb to the forbidden fruit. On creation, Levinstein comments that ‘there is a magical moment when the artwork starts to come alive and take the lead,’ drawing similarities between the birth of an artwork and the story of Genesis.

Regularly exhibiting modern collections from all over the world, Eden Fine Art Mayfair features 12,000 square feet and four floors of art gallery space full of inspiring, and evocative artwork. At the Exhibition Preview, guests will take pleasure from exploring original paintings and sculptures by Levinstein and Benharrouche and enjoy an exclusive party with the artists themselves. Working with Eden Fine Art for a total of 20 years combined, there is no doubt that these artists will be bringing a breathtaking collection to London — one that is not to be missed.

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