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“They always say ‘stop and smell the roses,’ I say ‘tread slowly for there are flowers everywhere and you can see all kinds of things.’” – Calman Shemi

Now more than ever, people are feeling the call of nature, the planet is changing, and more and more people are moving to busy urban centers. Nature is where we, as humans feel most inclined to be ourselves. We are calmed by the greenery and perked up at the sight of colorful flowers, wild animals like foxes get our phones flashing, and the sound of a babbling brook will often make us close our eyes and take a journey inward. Amazingly enough, we manage to recreate these feelings in our own homes through music, interior decor, and, most importantly, art. Eden Gallery invites you to explore the Nature Collection.

Art Nature - SN

“What is the opposite of a field? For me, I think it is a fence.” – SN

Art Nature - SN

Contemporary artist SN started his career as a photographer. His earliest works focused on the relationship between humankind and nature. He was often portraying beautiful women as the keepers of innocent and fragile wildlife. Now returning to these motifs, SN touches on his earlier photography works with the additions of delicate butterflies to emphasize the sensitive nature of the heart.

SN exposes the beauty of living in peaceful harmony in ‘The Hunter and the Cheetah.’ The hunter becomes the keeper in this artwork, caring for the cheetah and protecting the field. The artist uses the feather in the hair as an homage to the Native Americans and how they inspire us to live in harmony with nature. He even writes on the canvas ‘harmony is the answer’ to bring home the point of the symbiotic bond, and that now we must be the protectors. 

Explore SN’s newest collection here.


Alec Monopoly

Money does grow on trees in Alec Monopoly’s fictional world where Mr. Monopoly and Richie Rich fly around the world and eat caviar on one of their many yachts. These two are not often seen outside of the big city unless it is boating around the crystalline waters of St. Barths or Mykonos.

In one of Monopoly’s mixed media paintings, the famous duo Mr. Monopoly and Richie Rich are caught in a benevolent moment, frolicking around a tree and picking the gifts that this tree has to offer. Reminiscent of an apple tree bearing it’s ripe fruits in the fall, this tree is giving the even more sought after gift of money. This artwork is an interesting reflection on our lives and current societal values. At what point did money become more important than food? Would trees be valued higher if you could pick $100 notes from their branches instead of useless fruit?

Art Nature - Alec Monopoly

Mr. Monopoly and Richie Rich seem so full of optimism they take us on a journey to the land of money, where everything is happy and life is full of color, but then leave us questioning ‘do our values lie in nature or is nature just a commodity?’ Explore Alec Monopoly’s full collection here


Dorit Levinstein

“When I hear the song of one of these magnificent creatures, I look up to the sky, hoping for the opportunity of catching a glimpse and rejoicing in their beauty.” – Dorit Levinstein

Art Nature - Dorit Levistein

Through her art, Dorit Levinstein tries to connect to the goodness of the world through observing nature through her artsy lens. Many of her plant sculptures have spikes or thorns and yet produce the most vivid flowers. Flowers go through an interesting life-cycle with fascinating stages. While working on her flower sculptures, Levinstein tried different arrangements for the flowers, and each one created a different sculpture. 

The colorful universe of Dorit Levinstein challenges reality, recreating wonderful figures, animals, and plants to become one with her cheerful perspective. Ever since childhood Levinstein was inspired by the brightest and most beautiful of animals. One of them being the bird. The colorful plumage and sweet songs that they sing are enough to light up anybody’s imagination. Levinstein paints the already colorful animal with her vibrant patterns. 

Art Nature - Dorit Levinstein

The final sculptures present various stages of different blossoms: youth, adulthood, and maturity. While the youth drop their heads in wilting, the adult heads are held high and proud. Levinstein’s Seven Flower Vase is cast in bronze making it live on forever in bloom. Explore Dorit Levinstein’s full collection here.


Yoel Benharrouche

Art Nature - Yoel Benharrouche

Nature is an influencing factor in the works of Yoel Benharrouche. The metaphysical artist sees nature as the greatest artistic creation of all. The combinations of shapes, textures, and colors are more imaginative and fascinating than anything created since. Every detail, as well as the entire work, as seen on a horizon, is the secret that Yoel Benharrouche tries to emit in his own work.

The tree of life is a frequently used artistic symbol. In Benharrouche’s lacquer on metal painting ‘La Première Phase Dans Le Jardin,’ the tree symbolizes a fresh start on life, positive energy, and a bright future. Translating as ‘the first phase in the garden,’ this artwork is a beautiful contemporary vision of hope and love. 

Yoel Benharrouche connects to levels of his spirituality through nature, particularly through painting nature, birds, and landscapes. Explore his colorful collection of abstract artworks in Eden Gallery’s new online shop here.



Calman Shemi

Calman Shemi has been deeply immersed in nature and art since childhood. Growing up in the foothills of the Andes Mountain Range, he draws on the memories of the colorful flowers popping up every spring. Upon moving around the world, the same never changed, the flowers will spread joy and color to every corner of the globe, sprouting in the desert, or popping up through the cracks of a sidewalk. Calman Shemi captures the likeness of this reality in his colorful abstractions.

Art Nature - Calman Shemi

In Flower Field – Silver,’ Shemi colors the canvas with radiant hues creating a garden full of optimism and beauty. Every one of these flowers is painted slightly differently, portraying the uniqueness that each individual blossom has in nature. Explore Calman Shemi’s full collection here.


Marco Battaglini

“Art is a harmony parallel to nature.” – Paul Cezanne

Art Nature - Marco Battaglini

Marco Battaglini combines neoclassicism with contemporary street art to create an all-encompassing image of art through the ages. At first glance, the beauty of the female form stands out against an alluring colorful backdrop, but as you look closer, you delve deeper into the story that Battaglini is trying to tell. 

In ‘Back to Nature,’ there are hidden messages throughout the work, from the American man holding a sign saying ‘we want change,’ the Bob Dylan lyrics ‘the answer my friend is blowing in the wind.’ strategically painted next to a windmill. The graffiti seems at first to be a mish-mash of individual tags, but as the viewer searches the painting, the meaning becomes evident. 

When you bring your gaze back to the main subject of the angelic woman gently embracing the flower, seeming so at peace and removed from the stressful world, it becomes even more apparent of the message that Battaglini portrays we must get ‘back to nature.’ 

Explore Battaglini’s collection of neoclassic paintings here.


Ad Van Hassel

The natural world is filled with picturesque inspirations from every color, texture, or sound nature has been a powerful voice in art, music, and cultures of the world. The contemporary sculptures of Ad van Hassel do not stray far; always, nature will fill our heads and our hearts. 

Ad van Hassel sees flowers as the colorful sculpture of the world. Their vibrant colors light up the world, especially in Amsterdam from where van Hassel originates. In the spring Holland is blanketed in the colorful beauties. Bringing in tourists, inspiring festivals, and becoming a part of van Hassel’s original art. 

Van Hassel recreates the most colorful tulips imaginable in his contemporary style, along with the spring birds that fly above the field. Through his art van Hassel brings together his most influential inspirations of home, creating an uplifting memory of a Dutch spring. 

Art Nature


Art Nature

One of the earliest inspirations in all forms of art, nature remains a strong force in our lives. Even when we are sheltered away in a city with skyscrapers to replace mountains and sidewalks to replace a dirt trail, a flower will always manage to push its way through the cracks in the pavement, spreading its joy and sweet aroma. Eden Gallery’s contemporary artists explore nature through their works in new and compelling ways.

Art Nature

Explore Eden Gallery’s Nature Collection here.



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